MBA Graduation Gift Ideas

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Graduating from business school marks the end of a lot of stress, sweat, and studying, which is something definitely worth celebrating. Show the recent MBA graduate in your life just how proud you are with business student gifts that celebrate this huge accomplishment.

A Night Out Together

Chances are the graduate hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to unwind between all of the final semester studying, writing, and test taking. Take them out for a night on the town doing whatever they want to do. You can both enjoy the chance to spend time together without worrying about any looming exams or assignments.

Clothing Subscription

If the grad is heading to the corporate world for the first time, then they’ll probably need to replace their jeans and sweatshirts with business casual attire. Clothing subscription companies pair users with a stylist who sends professional wardrobe items at regular intervals. This is an easy way for any grad to build a wardrobe, and they only pay for the clothes they choose to keep. Sign them up and give them a gift card to get them started.

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Airline Ticket

If your recent MBA grad has a little downtime before starting a job — and you want to splurge on a big gift — then consider buying an airline ticket to someplace you know they’d love to visit. This is a great group gift, since everyone can chip in. Make sure you pair the surprise with a greeting card so all the gift-givers can write a message of congratulations inside.

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Family Recipe Collection

Gifts don’t have to be expensive; some of the best MBA graduation gift ideas come right from the heart — and the kitchen. Enlist all the cooks in your family to contribute to a recipe collection filled with homemade creations. Write all the recipes on index cards and store them in a recipe tin. Your graduate will love flipping through all the selections the next time they need to make a meal.

School Journey Scrapbook

An MBA graduation marks the end of a long school journey. If you’ve known the graduate for a long time, then put together a scrapbook documenting their school experiences from kindergarten through the end of business school. Nothing beats the personal touch and nostalgia of looking back on their progress and successes.

Engraved Pen

With their diploma in hand, they’ll be ready to start impressing new clients or potential employers. Looks are important in the corporate world, and a nice pen set helps them appear polished and professional. Engrave the pen with their name or a favorite quote to give it a meaningful touch.

Monogrammed Planner

Some of the best MBA student gifts are both practical and personal. Life in the business world is busy, and any MBA grad needs to stay organized. Help them keep track of their hectic schedule with a monogrammed planner. If they favor their tablet over pen and paper, then a monogrammed tablet case is a stylish alternative.

Office Decor

If your grad has already landed a new job, then give them something to adorn their new office, desk, or cubicle. If they’re working in a buttoned-up environment, then consider something modern like a desktop Zen garden, smartphone dock, or potted mini succulents. For a looser workplace, choose a fun desk toy or a favorite framed quote.

Noise-canceling Headphones

Get together with friends or family and pitch in for quality noise-canceling headphones, a must-have for any business school graduate who plans on traveling for work or who simply needs some quiet for concentration. Pair it with a graduation card and let each person write their own personal congratulatory message inside.

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News Subscription

People in business appreciate access to the latest news, financials, and headlines as a way to stay updated on the latest trends. Whether you keep it old school via snail mail or go digital, gift a one-year newspaper or magazine subscription to your graduate so they’ll be armed with all the business knowledge they need in the fast-paced career field.

No matter what you choose to give, know that a heartfelt graduation card or note makes the gift more meaningful. We’ll also help you with gift wrap and party supplies, too, so you can celebrate your MBA graduate in a memorable way.

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Graduation Party Supplies


This is the party they’ve been waiting for, so make sure you have everything on your celebratory syllabus, like gift wrap and party supplies, to honor the graduate’s big achievement.

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