Veterans Day Cards

Whether in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard or Air Force, veterans are proud of their time of service. Veterans Day is a great opportunity to connect and express your gratitude on a more private and personal level. Veterans Day Creatacards let you do just that, with personalized features like adding a written message, favorite photos and video to choosing music, gift cards and envelopes. You can send your customized cards by email, text or social media, or choose the print option to share Veterans Day printable cards in person or by mail. They’ll appreciate that you honored them and the occasion with such a personal tribute.

What to Write in a Veterans Day Card

Wondering what to write in a Veterans Day card? We know it’s sometimes difficult to choose words that adequately pay tribute to veterans who’ve given so much to their country. Once you’ve found the perfect Veterans Day Creatacard™, add a personal note they’ll feel honored to receive. For great ideas and inspiration, see our Veterans Day Card Messages page.

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