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Sympathy Creatacards™ are a great way to reach out and let someone know you care. Show support and encouragement when someone you care about is grieving.

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Sympathy Creatacards

Sympathy Creatacards let you comfort a person who is grieving in a highly customized way. You might console them by tailoring your card for the loss a mom, dad, family member, pet or other tragic loss. Write your own message, add a name or alter text. Then preview and share your card however you feel is best: try our new digital send option through e-mail, text or post.

Sympathy cards are a convenient solution when shopping for paper cards in stores or online isn’t an option. Whether it’s for a loved one, friend, co-worker or another person in your life, our sympathy cards cover a range of relationships and levels of closeness. Beautiful artwork such as nature imagery and photography pair well with warm and uplifting verse. When words fail, you could tell them just that. Or perhaps one of our greeting card writers can help you out with tips and inspiration on “What to Write in a Sympathy Card.” A sorry-for-your-loss Creatacard™ is a heartfelt way to reach out during a difficult time with wishes for peace, strength and solace.

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