Birthday SmashUps™

SmashUps™ are highly personalized, smile-inducing, shareable birthday videos to send all ages. Featuring the biggest celebrities and the most-loved characters, each personalized birthday video is a surprise waiting to happen. Simply pick a name (or other personalization) and through the magic of video or animation, SmashUps™ will give them a shout-out that will leave them amazed. It’s that easy and that fun! Browse and send birthday video greetings from SmashUps™ with an all-access membership today.

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Send Happy Birthday Wishes Like No Other in a Personalized Video

We have an awesome lineup of Birthday SmashUps™, including Original SmashUps™, Celebrity SmashUps™ and Talking SmashUps™. Whether it’s a favorite celebrity that mentions their name or a talking character that says whatever you type, birthday smiles are guaranteed! You’re sure to find a birthday video message that’s perfect for every personality. Check back often to send the newest birthday wishes video from SmashUps™ — we’ll be keeping this party going all year!