Country Hoedown Video Ecard (Personalized Lyrics)

Country Hoedown Video Ecard (Personalize Lyrics)

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Card Verse
Well, howdy [RECIPIENT'S NAME] ! Hi. Hello. How are ya? We heard the news. We're quite enthused, and the only thing to do (what should we do?) is strum this guitar, and sing to the stars, and serenade you-ooo-woo [EVENT] Mmm mmm mmm, that is some mighty fine fiddling – but, hey, let's pick it up! Alright! That's more like it! Yee-Haw! Play it for [RECIPIENT'S NAME]! Alright, now where were we? Okay, [EVENT] and that's pretty great. Darn Straight [WHAT RECIPIENT SHOULD DO] It's time to celebrate! Spurs will jingle jangle it's time to do-si-do. So grab yourself a partner, and let's see ya go, 'cause it's a jingle jangle here and a jingle jangle there – a jingle jangle [EVENT] everywhere – one more time! 'Cause it's a jingle jangle here, and a jingle jangle there, a jingle jangle [EVENT] everywhere! Yee-Haw. Now that's how you celebrate! [Message] Yee-haw! It's your birthday!