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Donny Osmond - A Birthday Song for You Ecard (Personalize Lyrics)

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Card Verse
Donny Osmond sings a personalized birthday greeting and puts the name and age you choose up in lights. [Narrator] Today, we're here at your party where we've secretly replaced your birthday cake with Donny Osmond. [Donny Osmond] Happy birthday [RECIPIENT'S NAME]! This one's for you. [Lyrics] [RECIPIENT'S NAME] It's your birthday. Time to celebrate and sing about who? You! Come on, [RECIPIENT'S NAME], it's your birthday. Time to sing and shout. Come on, it's what you gotta do! Break it down. Add another candle. Another year, it's true. But [RECIPIENT'S AGE] sure looks good on you! Oh [RECIPIENT'S NAME], it's your birthday. Let's all dance and sing and shout your name! Oh, [RECIPIENT'S NAME], it's your birthday. The music's hot. It's time to rock. This birthday party won't stop! Come on [RECIPIENT'S NAME]!