Father's Day Gift Ideas From Baby

1. Remember the First Day: Personalized Keychain

The day your little one was born marks the first day of Fatherhood for dad. Give him a sentimental gift that remembers that special day with your baby’s initials and birthdate.

2. Get in a Little "Us" Time: Plan a Date Night

Being baby free for a night might be a nice gift for both of you! Leave your little one with a sitter (or an eager grandparent!) and spend some time reconnecting — even if it’s just for an hour.

3. Getting Nostalgic: Classic Children's Book

Make him remember the joys of his own childhood by giving him his favorite book from when he was young. This gift might take some investigation skills, but it will be worth it. He’ll enjoy reading the book to baby and can create new memories with an old favorite.

4. Thoughtful DIY: Baby Handprints Keychain

Your child’s handprints are always great ways to remember different stages in their life. Doing a keychain craft project is an easy and inexpensive gift dad will be sure to appreciate.

5. Capture the Moment: Photo Frame

Photo frames are always great gifts to give because they showcase the important moments and people in our lives for everyone to see. A personalized photo frame is perfect for displaying the first time dad held baby in his arms.

6. Tell Him He's Appreciated: Give Him a Card

The first months (even years!) with a new baby can be hectic and sometimes when we’re in the chaos, we forget to tell people they’re appreciated. A Father's Day card is an easy way to let him know you see all the hard work he’s doing and you appreciate it! And for tips for what to write in a Father’s Day card, on our Inspiration page.

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