The History of St. Pat's Ecard (Fun Song)

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Card Verse
(Dueling singers) The story of St. Patrick's Day begins in Ireland on hillsides with the green, green grass beneath the Irish sun. St. Patty put this grass of green in baskets he did weave, and filled them up with chocolate eggs for children to receive...St. Patty's Day commemorates a date from long ago: the Pilgrims and the natives dined on food that they did grow along with fish and turkeys, too, they ate their peas and corn, they later added football, and a holiday was born. No...ya eejit! St. Patty's Day is when the kids go around with their scary masks. It's when Santa comes down the chimney.... That shows what you know...[Message]Make no mistake about it, I'm wishing you a happy St. Patrick's Day!