Thanksgiving Day Overture Ecard (Fun Song)

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Card Verse
Can’t wait for the date—it’s nearly here. Love the mood, love the food at this time of year. Need a plan for the clan when they gather near. Soon we’ll dine on Thanksgiving Day!...Turkey’s done, got to run, clean the mess and greet the guests, when they come to the door. Time to eat, find a seat, make a toast to our fine host (and check the football score!)...We’re thankful for all that we’ve been given. Yes, we’re thankful that if we overeat we’ll be forgiven. ‘Cause thanks-giv-ing comes but once a year to celebrate with those so dear, and we must state that as our waistline expands, we're grateful for our stretchy pants. We're hoping that with all the bloat we don't look like a Macy's float ...Tomorrow when our coma lifts, it's to the mall for Christmas gifts. This holiday was off the hook, well worth the time and work it took, and look—be sure you don't forget to kiss the cook! [Message] However you spend it, hope your Thanksgiving is happy!