Happy Mother's Day Ecards for Friends

She’s a good friend to you, and she’s an amazing mom to her kids.

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How Can I Wish My Friend a Happy Mother’s Day?

Even if you won’t be spending Mother’s Day with your friends, you can still send cheer through an ecard with a personalized message via text or email. Here are some messages perfect for including in Mother’s Day cards for friends:

  • Happy Mother’s Day, my friend! Wishing you a day filled with snuggles, giggles and moments of peace (if you’re lucky)!
  • Happy Mother’s Day, friend! Sending you virtual hugs and high-fives for being an awesome mom. Let’s catch up soon!
  • You are an amazing mom, and I admire the love and dedication you pour into your family. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mom’s Day! Here’s to surviving parenthood one tantrum at a time. You’re doing amazing!
  • Wishing the best Mother’s Day to a friend who is not just an amazing mom but also an inspiration to those around her. Enjoy!

Feel free to customize these messages based on your friend’s personality and your relationship with her!