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Make her feel loved with Happy Mother’s Day cards, greetings and thoughtful gifts from the heart.

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With our Mother’s Day cards, you have tons of options to choose from! Whether you want something heartfelt or funny, you can easily express your genuine appreciation and love for your mom’s endless support and guidance in a way that feels just right.

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Customize a Mother’s Day Celebrity SmashUp and watch her favorite star personally address her by name! Any of our SmashUps™, whether singing, talking, add-a-photo or animated, will deliver personalized Mother’s Day greetings that truly amaze.

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Send funny Mother’s Day wishes her way!

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Mother's Day Ecard

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Surprise and delight all the moms you love with electronic Mother’s Day gifts. From digital gift cards to cash gifts, and even personalized messages from Cameo or Songfinch, we have something to make her day unforgettable!

Mother's Day Cards

What to Write in a Mother’s Day Card

Wish you could add the perfect message to your Mother’s Day cards? Here are some thoughtful ideas to express your recognition of their hard work and heartfelt appreciation for everything they do.

Mother's Day Cards

Mother’s Day Messages for Mother-in-Law

Let’s not forget about the mother of your spouse — after all, she’s the one who raised your wonderful partner! Here you’ll find special messages for a mother-in-law to put into your Mother’s Day cards and show her some love!