Funny Birthday Cards

Bring big smiles to birthday celebrations! Funny birthday cards are all about humor that makes them happy — whether they giggle at puns, guffaw at punch lines or grin at silly pets. You’ll find everything you need to make birthday wishes more fun right here, with hilarious birthday cards made for hearty laughs!

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Funny Birthday Cards

Celebrate birthdays with lots of laughs! Funny birthday cards are perfect for anyone who could use some comic relief on their birthday, especially on those milestone and over-the-hill years. Whether you’re looking for something cute, edgy, risqué, silly or sweet, we offer a range of funny Happy Birthday cards for him, for her and for anyone. Make kids grin with jokes and puns, share a totally relatable theme with a friend and watch your romantic partner blush and smile at some spicy verse. Humor is the perfect way to share a lighthearted moment and connect with anyone, whether it’s your mom, dad, brother, sister, kid, co-worker, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and wife. If you want to complement the card humor with a few quips of your own, see the article, ‘What to Write: Funny Birthday Messages,’ for tips from a real greeting card writer. Make them smile from ear to ear, tickle their funny bones and give them a fit of the giggles because it’s their birthday and that’s a good reason to give joy!

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Other Ways to Add Humor on A Birthday

Say “Happy Birthday” with humorous birthday cards for friends, co-workers, family and all your favorite people! Funny happy birthday cards are available in a variety of ways, each with their own advantages: Give them a paper greeting card they can hold and put on display whenever they’re looking for laughs. From the sweet serenades of Michael Bolton to adorable dancing critters, our birthday ecards are fun to make and simple to share online. Want the option to customize your card and still deliver it offline? Try printable birthday greeting cards and print as many as you like, all from the comfort of home. However you choose to make them laugh, personalized happy birthday cards are sure to fill their day with surprises!

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