Paper Sympathy Cards

Share caring thoughts with beautiful sympathy greeting cards. Elegant, soothing, uplifting and always heartfelt, sympathy cards are the condolences you extend when there simply are no words. We have a large collection of sympathy cards for the loss of him or her, such as a mother, father, grandmother or grandfather. You can also buy sympathy cards online in bulk to lend comfort at any time. Whether warm and meaningful or spiritual in nature, a sympathy card from you will mean so much.

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What to write in a sympathy card

What’s the next step after you’ve chosen the perfect condolences? Deciding what to write in a sympathy card or bereavement card is challenging for anyone, even a professional greeting card writer. That’s why we’ve asked one of our writers to share thoughts and ideas on how you can express your support. Note that while there are no magic words to heal heartbreak, your thoughtful act of sending a card is what matters most.

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