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Wonder Woman: 75 Years of Being Fierce and Fabulous

Fun Facts about Wonder Woman
Did You Know?

  • While William Moulton Marston is known as the comic book writer who created Wonder Woman, his wife Elizabeth is credited with suggesting the Super Hero be a woman.
  • Wonder Woman’s alter ego is Diana Prince.
  • The Wonder Woman television show starring Lynda Carter ran from 1975-1979.
  • Wonder Woman made her debut in Batman v Superman, showing she can stand equal to them in power, strength and bravery. Following BvS, for the first time ever, Wonder Woman is being brought to the big screen, in an epic, action film.

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Wonder Woman first appeared in DC Comics All Star Comics #8 in 1941. The 1970s television series, starring Lynda Carter, ran for 3 years. Wonder Woman can be found today in comics, television syndication, animated series, and theatrical releases including her stand alone title starring Gal Gadot.