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Sending an Ecard

How do I post an ecard on Facebook?
Please be sure you are signed in as a member of Once you are signed in, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select an ecard.
  2. Click 'Personalize and Send'.
  3. Enter a personal message to be displayed with your ecard.
  4. Click the 'Share on Facebook' button below the personalized message box.
  5. Click 'Share on Facebook'. 
    • *If you are on an iPhone or iPad and are not logged in to Facebook you will have 2 options; share with the app, or log in to your Facebook account to post your card. We are currently experiencing an issue with using the app to share your card, so please log in with your Facebook email address and password to successfully post your card.
  6. Once you are logged into Facebook, select a sharing option from the dropdown in the upper left of the Facebook window.
  7. You may enter an optional message that will accompany your Facebook post.
  8. Click 'Post to Facebook'.

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How do I send an ecard?
Please be sure you are signed in as a member of Once you are signed in, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: From the screen where you can view the ecard, its name, and its verse, select the 'personalize and send' button.

Note: if you do not see this button or the button is inactive, you may need to personalize the ecard first.

Follow any on-screen instructions to enable the 'personalize and send' button.

Step 2: On the screen with the text 'personalize your message' near the top, add a personalized note for your recipient(s) in the open text area on this screen.

You can adjust the font, text size, color, bold, and/or italicize all or part of your message. To do so, highlight the text you wish to change or make your style selections before adding your message. 

Press the 'Preview & Send via Email' button to preview your message along side the ecard you have selected.

In the window that appears (with the text "This is a preview of what your recipient will see") you can either continue to the next step (select the 'Continue to Address & Send' button) or make changes (select the 'Edit your Message' button).

Step 3: On the screen with the text 'Address and send' near the top, add your recipient's name and email address. You can open your Address Book from here as well. Once your Address Book is open, you can select a contact by checking the box next to their contact information. You may select up to 50 contacts. Click the 'ADD RECIPIENTS' button to add them to your recipient list.

You can also change the delivery date by pressing the calendar icon to the right of today's date.

Note: if you do not adjust the delivery date, the ecard will be delivered immediately.

Please note that you may select to add a reminder for a recipient's birthday while sending a birthday ecard.  You can also add this contact to your address book while sending your ecard.

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Can I change or cancel an ecard?

It depends on whether your ecard was delivered immediately or scheduled for future delivery.

Ecards sent for immediate delivery cannot be canceled, retrieved or edited. However, in the case where the wrong email address was used for a recipient, you can resend the ecard to a corrected email address via the 'Sent Ecards' page in my account.

Ecards that are scheduled for delivery for a future delivery date, may be canceled up to 24 hours before the delivery date.

To cancel a scheduled ecard, press the 'My Account' link at the top of the screen and then select 'Scheduled Ecards' (it's located on the left side of the screen on your desktop or tablet and towards the top of the screen on your smartphone).

The 'Scheduled Ecards' screen is organized by month, with the most recent activity displayed automatically. To find the ecard you wish to cancel, you may need to adjust this filter. Once you locate the ecard, choose 'cancel' (located under the picture of the ecard).

Unfortunately, the ability to edit a scheduled ecard is currently unavailable.

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Can I send a greeting again?
Yes. Please make sure you are signed in and then follow the steps below:

Press the 'My Account' link located at the top of the screen. Once the new page loads, select 'Sent Ecards.' (It's located on the left side of the screen on your desktop or tablet and towards the top of the screen on your smartphone.)

The 'Sent Ecards' screen is organized by month, with the most recent activity displayed automatically. To find the ecard you wish to resend, you may need to adjust this filter.

Once you locate the ecard you wish to send again, press the 'Resend' link below the picture of the ecard.

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Can I send a free greeting again?
Yes. To send a free greeting again, return to the Ecards page and locate the desired Ecard. You will be required to recreate the Ecard again from scratch. Please note that with a paid membership to our website, members have the ability to quickly resend Ecards from their list of Sent Ecards. Sent Ecards are located on the My Account page when signed in as a paid member.

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I did not receive a confirmation email. Did you send my greeting?
Ecards are usually sent within an hour. After an ecard has been sent, we also automatically deliver a confirmation email to you. If you have not received a confirmation email, it's possible that our emails are not being delivered by the email provider.

To remedy this, please add the following email addresses to the address book of your email provider (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.):

Once you have added these addresses, you should receive future confirmation emails from us. If you still do not see the mail appear in your inbox, please check your Junk Mail to make sure that the messages are not automatically being routed there.

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The person I sent my ecard to did not receive it. Why?
There are two common reasons why recipients do not receive ecards:

1. Incorrect email address.
2. Internet Service Provider (ISP) is routing the message to a 'bulk' folder.

In the first case, please double-check the accuracy of the recipient's email address. If you notice an error, you can resend the ecard and with the correct email address. To find out more, follow the steps to send your ecard again

In the second case, we regularly work with ISPs (like Yahoo) to avoid categorizing our ecards as bulk mail or 'spam'.

In either case, if your ecard was not delivered, you can simply forward the confirmation email that you recieved from us to your intended recipient.

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How long does it take to deliver an ecard?
Ecards are usually sent within an hour and each send includes a confirmation email that we deliver to you. This email contains a link to view the personalized ecard.

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The 'Personalize and Send' button is visible but not working on some ecards. Why is that?

Some of our ecards require personalization within the greeting before you can proceed to adding a message. Once you have completed your personalization(s), options to preview and send the ecard should appear.

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Viewing an Ecard

Why won't my ecard load? All I see is white space.
If you are having problems viewing your ecard, the problem may be temporary. Please wait a few minutes and try again. If you're still unable to view the ecard, please try the following:
Clear Browser Cache
Your browser’s cache stores information about the web pages you’ve visited.  Clearing your cache regularly frees up disk space on your computer, increases the computer’s performance and rids your computer of any corrupted files.  Follow the instructions in your browser’s Help section for clearing the cache.  Once the cache has been cleared, close your browser window and reopen it.
Please following the instructions below for the browsers you are using:
  1. In the top-right corner, click the three vertical dots (⋮)
  2. Select ‘More tools’ > ‘Clear browsing data’
  3. In the dialog that appears, make sure the menu at the top is set to the ‘beginning of time’.
  4. Select the check boxes for the types of information to be removed. At a minimum, we recommend removing cached images and files.
  5. Press the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ button.
  1. To clear your history and cookies from Safari in iOS 8, tap Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.
  2. In iOS 7 or earlier, tap Clear History and tap Clear Cookies and Data.
  3. To clear other stored information from Safari, tap Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data > Remove All Website Data.
Internet Explorer
  1. Open the desktop, and then tap or click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar.
  2. Tap or click the Tools button, choose Safety, and then tap or click Delete browsing history.
  3. Select the Cookies and website data check box, and then tap or click Delete.
  1. Click the menu button, choose History, and then Clear Recent History….
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to Time Range to choose how much of your history Firefox will clear.
  3. Next, click the arrow next to Details to select exactly what information will get cleared. 
  4. Finally, click the Clear Now button. The window will close and the items you've selected will be cleared.

I received an inappropriate greeting. What can I do about this?

We are very sorry that you received an inappropriate or abusive message in the form of one of our ecards. Using our service in this way violates our Terms of Service and will not be tolerated. If you feel physically threatened, you should contact your local law enforcement authorities immediately. We will cooperate with their investigation in any way we can, consistent with applicable law and our privacy policies.
Generally when users send emails of this nature, they use a false name, limiting our ability to prevent these communcations from being distributed via our service. While certain information about senders -- such as IP address and cookie number -- is gathered, we are prohibited by law from releasing that information absent a subpoena or search warrant.
If you would like, we can block your email address so that you will no longer receive ecards from our service. Please be aware that this will also prevent legitimate communications -- those from family and friends -- from being delivered. If you want to take this step, please contact us.

I tried to access a personal greeting that was sent to me, and it was no longer available.

Ecards and other digital greetings sent to you or a recipient are stored for 12 months from the delivery date. After this time, they will no longer be available to view. Free ecards are stored for 30 days.

Pre-scheduled Ecards

How do I send a pre-scheduled ecard?
Don't miss another birthday, anniversary, or holiday again! As a paid member of, you can pre-schedule your ecards, for sending by email, up to one year in advance.
In order to pre-schedule an ecard, please sign in to your membership and follow these directions:
  • Select the ecard you would like to send and click the "personalize & send" button.
  • Add your personal message in Step 1 and select a gift card or membership, if you wish, in Step 2.
  • At Step 3, add your recipient's name and email address.
  • Look for "send card on" and select the month, day and year from the pull-down menus. You may also use the calendar located to the right of the pull-down menus. The calendar has an arrow located at the top right to navigate to future months. When you click on the date you wish the ecard to be sent, the calendar will automatically close.
  • When you have selected the desired delivery date, click "send your ecard." You will receive a confirmation e-mail. The ecard will be delivered just after 4:00 a.m. EST on the date selected. Please note that we suggest double-checking the desired delivery date before sending your ecard.

Please note that you can check for pre-scheduled ecards. Click on the "my account" link at the top of our website and select "Scheduled Ecards" located in the left navigation.

The "Scheduled Ecards" are organized by month. Use the dropdown box on the page to select the month the ecard is to be sent. You will find the ecard image, the recipient's e-mail address, the target delivery date and options to view, edit or cancel the ecard.

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How do I cancel a pre-scheduled ecard?
As a paid member of, you can use the Scheduled Ecards feature to cancel a pre-scheduled ecard up to 24 hours before delivery. Ecards sent for immediate delivery cannot be cancelled.
In order to cancel a pre-scheduled ecard, please sign in to your membership and follow these directions:
  • Sign into your membership at
  • Click on the "my account" link at the top of the page and then select "Scheduled Ecards" from the list of features on the left side of the screen.
  • Locate the ecards that you wish to cancel. Note the ecards are organized by send month, you can access the correct month from the dropdown box.
  • Click on "cancel" under the thumbnail of the ecard you wish to cancel.
  • Verify that you wish to cancel.
  • Please note that ecards sent for immediate delivery cannot be cancelled.

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Why do I get a message about violating the Terms of Service?

We're sorry that you're receiving the message on violating terms of service when trying to send your ecard. The following can cause this message:

  • Copying text from another document can cause the message. Type your message directly in the "personalize your ecard" field, highlight the text, and use the tools provided to change font, size, or color.
  • Addition of a URL or website address. For instance, is the URL for our website. Adding a URL to your personal message will block the sending of your ecard.
  • Addition of a personal email address in your message.
  • An ellipsis (....) or any string of punctuation marks - !!!!, ****, etc. - will prevent sending of the ecard.
  • Starting a new sentence without placing a space after the period ending the previous sentence will generate the message.
  • Words or phrases commonly used in spam messages will block the sending of the ecard: remembrance, Nigeria, work from home, you're a winner, and oh well.

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