Pink Christmas Wrapping Paper

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About Our Pink Christmas Wrapping Paper

A hands-down favorite among girls, pink Christmas wrapping paper is a delightful choice for anyone who loves this fun, feminine color! Kids will especially love pink Christmas gift wrapping paper featuring Disney Princesses and characters Frozen. You’ll find a pink-colored Christmas wrapping paper roll in a variety of widths and sizes to accommodate every present: A standard roll measures 3' x 12', for a total of 40 sq. ft. of wrapping paper. All of our high-quality, Christmas gift-wrapping paper rolls are made with heavyweight paper that’ll keep anyone from peeking! They’re easy to cut and fold without tearing and packaged in a continuous roll without creases and folds, making for crisp, clean gift presentations every time. They’re also great for crafts, table displays and decorations. For a fun twist on holiday gift décor, these wrapping paper rolls will have them tickled pink!