Blue Anniversary Celebration Ideas


Whether you choose “something blue” as a shout-out to that familiar wedding tradition, or you know that blue represents depth, trust and loyalty (among other noble attributes), or you simply like the hue — you can’t go wrong with this color scheme for anniversary party décor! 



Various shades of blue, mixed with touches of bridal white and silver bling, are a cool, classic combination to celebrate the happy couple’s milestone. So let’s get started with some dreamy ideas…on a realistic budget.

The Gift Table


When guests enter a party, they’re going to be looking for a place to set their gifts and cards. If you can’t make the gift table and card basket visible from the door, there are some clever ways to make it stand out. For example, the gift area will be easy to spot if a few wrapped presents are already there. Keep this in mind when wrapping yours: they’ll be at the party first and, if wrapped in the same color scheme, they can do double duty as decoration.

This is a great opportunity to master your gift-wrapping skills and finally learn how to tie an expert bow . Reversible gift wrap is a great choice to give a group of gifts some variety, while keeping them in the same color scheme.


Not everyone brings gifts, but most bring cards. Be sure to designate a place for those as well, so they don’t get lost in the shuffle or associated with another gift. For this, you can either bring a cute basket from home, or pick up a keepsake container that the couple can multi-purpose. This lovely lettering was created by our in-house artists, and you can print it here to use, too! 


If the happy couple decides to open their gifts and cards at the party, they’ll probably do so together. You might want to select/supply a couple of special chairs that are either in a highly visible spot or can easily be moved to one. This is something to keep in mind when setting up the room. If they decide to save the gifts for home, the chairs won’t go to waste. You’ll still have stylish seating to use for group photos — positioning the pair front and center, surrounded by family and friends.

Photo Backdrop

Speaking of photos — it’s a wonderful treat for anyone to remember their happy occasions with awesome pix. But did you ever notice that many are taken sitting at tables, or in other random places around the room, which aren’t always optimal for a great shot? It’s easy (and inexpensive) to solve this problem by providing a designated backdrop!

All you need are streamers of crepe paper in several shades of blue, white, and silver, adhered vertically to the wall and topped with tissue paper pom-poms. Honeycombs are a trendy choice, too, and add some great texture, while staying within your budget (usually 3 for $5). Really make the scene pop with mylar balloons (attached to the wall with tape) that spell out a message — and add a few pom-poms and honeycombs to the floor for pops of color.

Once you point a few guests to this special spot for fun selfies and gorgeous group poses, the whole night will be documented in a beautiful way that will mean the world to the couple of the hour.

Drink Table

A trendy and practical way to incorporate the drink table into your decorations is to choose a signature cocktail that matches your color. Countless recipes are available online for every color drink under the rainbow (and then some).

We poured blue punch into margarita glasses and topped them with lemon slices for a fresh, fun display. This allows guests to grab-and-go as opposed to fumbling to pour their own – or creating a crowd waiting to be served. Depending on the size of your party (and table) a couple of options could be made available. Fan out some napkins, and, if you have the time, a tissue paper tassel would be a great accent to the table.

Dining Table

Why use blue gift wrap just for gifts when you can also use it as a table runner!  All it takes is one roll (between the dining table and the food display) and a white plastic tablecloth to create this classic, elegant look. Cut down the center of the wrap, all the way through, and use half on each table. 

Coordinate the rest of the table with inexpensive silver chargers under glossy blue paper plates topped with gift boxes. You can literally tie in the color scheme with multi-colored curling ribbon around the boxes and add a lovely “Thank You” tag on top. This particular watercolor design is a free printable for you!

The centerpieces are 32-ounce mason jars spray-painted various shades of blue and silver. Inside them we placed tissue paper flowers, which will be super-easy for you to make since you’ll have already mastered the art of pom-poms for the backdrop!

Intersperse some tissue paper votives for soft lighting and a little extra flair — and then bring on the food!

Food Table


You’ll have lots of fun putting together a true “candy bar” with sweet treats that match the theme. But first, while you’re setting up, consider creative ways to draw attention to key areas of the room. For example, attach mylar balloons to the wall with tape (in this case spelling out a message) so that they don’t require helium — and can be reusable.

Now for the sweet stuff!  We chose vanilla sugar wafers, dark blue rock candy sticks, teal and silver candy sticks, blue, white and silver sixlets, and blue, silver and white gumballs.


The cake is a lovely ombre that fades from a light blue into a rich teal with a pressed petal design. It’s topped with a handmade banner cake topper made from bamboo skewers and scrapbook paper cut into triangles and taped onto silver baker’s twine.


Because your food will match the color scheme, you’ll simply need clear containers (that you probably have at home or can find inexpensively at craft/kitchen stores) and a few functional pieces to set the food at different heights. Add texture and color with a few more honeycombs and, of course, the table runner mentioned earlier.


A framed anniversary card is a thoughtful way to personalize the décor and add some special sentiments to the day. Place several throughout the room for even more colorful flair.

Finishing Touches

Once all the tables are topped, presents are wrapped and food is displayed, you might still feel like you need something to bring it all together. Clusters of balloons throughout the room will do the trick!  Balloons add height, movement and festiveness — for very little cost. 


If you don’t want to use helium, you can hang them from the ceiling using tape and ribbon. Make your own customized confetti balloons  by using a hole punch and pick your coordinating tissue paper. Stuff them by placing a funnel into a clear balloon’s end and push them through with the eraser side of a pencil and then blow up the balloon. (TIP! Place the tissue paper between two sheets of regular computer paper when you use your hole punch for the cleanest cut.)

If you do use helium balloons, keep in mind that they don’t always have to be placed on a table. Simply use longer strings and place clusters on the floor next to tables, by the doors, or anywhere that needs a little oomph. Extra tissue paper pom-poms and honeycombs for the floors or on tables provide bursts of color as well.

Blue By You

There you have it:  A party for two all dressed in blue!  And you won’t have to even come close to breaking the bank on the decorating budget. In very little time, with basic supplies, and a few simple tutorials — your “something blue” color scheme will be everything you hoped for.  And, hopefully, the anniversary you’re celebrating will be one of many, many more to come.