DIY Party Decorations And Favors: Confetti Party Hats

Here’s what You’ll Need:

  • Tissue confetti
  • Craft glue/sealer
  • Foam brush
  • Paper hat

Flip any party hat inside out, tape down the seam and re-attach the elastic string.

Starting at the top of the hat, apply the craft glue with a foam brush in sections, working your way down the hat.

Apply the tissue paper confetti to the hat by tapping them on to the areas where you have applied the glue. Overlap the confetti slightly and reapply the glue as you move towards the bottom of the hat.

When you reach the bottom, apply a thin edge of glue inside the inner rim of the hat and tuck in any ends of the tissue paper confetti that hang off of the hat. Leave the hat as-is for a textured, handcrafted feel or coat the entire hat in craft glue to give it a shiny, finished look.

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