5 Easy Tips For Celebrating Galentine’s Day

They’re your secret-keepers, your supportive soul sisters, your ride or die — your gal pals that mean the world to you. So naturally, having a day devoted to appreciating them for all they do is one worth celebrating.

So, what is Galentine’s Day? Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) of Parks and Recreation sums it up:

It’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and boyfriends at home, and we come and kick it breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.

From that moment in 2010, a fictional holiday gave birth to a real-life tradition with an almost fanatic following, with women everywhere declaring that this needed to be a real thing. And why not? What could better than celebrating friendship and gratitude for each other in a fun and meaningful way?

So however you choose to celebrate, we have some simple tips for paying homage to your squad on February 13th.


Your Galentine’s Day Party Planning Checklist:

1. It’s About What You Say and How You Say It.

Grab some invites or make your own announcing that you’re hosting a Galentine’s Day gathering to celebrate female friendship.


2. Prep a Playlist.

Make a playlist that includes songs with stories and memories behind them that you share with each one of your guests. 

3. Gifts for Your Guests.

What would Galentine’s Day be without a “galentine” for every guest? If you’re thinking of handing out gifts, check out this gift guide for some fun and thoughtful ideas that will make each of them feel special. Make sure to include a custom card to let them know how much their friendship means to you.

4. Favors That Leave a Lasting Impression.

There are tons of ways you can accessorize your party, but we love opportunities where you can personalize your decorations. Before filling your balloons with helium, for example, write one thing you love about each guest on a paper heart and fold it up tight. Insert your messaging into the balloon (using a funnel and pushing it through with the eraser side of a pencil), fill with helium, and add a ribbon. Your guests can pop them to reveal the message during the party or take them as party favors.

5. A Toast to Friendship.

Make your favorite bubbly drink and prep some heartfelt words to say to all of your guests before the day is over. Need some help? Head over to our What to Write page to find some inspirational words that work well as toasts, too.


As Leslie Knope says, “Anytime a group of women get together, we embody the spirit of the holiday.” We’ll go one further and add that ”we embody the spirit of friendship.” Cheers to yours — Happy Galentine’s Day!

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