Pink And Gold Baby Shower Ideas

Baby balloon, cake and sweets on a table

If you're looking for beautiful ideas to celebrate a fabulous mom-to-be and her sweet little baby girl, a pink and gold baby shower is the perfect combination of glamour and charm.

Read on to see how surprisingly simple it is to create beautiful table-settings, a lovely photo backdrop, clever serving solutions and adorable details, with the help of our amazing experts.

Gift Table

From the minute your guests walk in the door, they`ll be warmly welcomed by this soft and stylish color scheme. And then they`ll be looking for a place to put their cards and gifts.

While it`s convenient to have the gift table near the door, it`s not always possible considering the space you`ll need. Those adorable baby presents can be surprisingly big and bulky, so it`s a good idea to designate someone to help people put their presents where the need to go.

Gift table setup with pink and gold decorations, pink lemonade dispenser and a card basket.

A well-marked basket will be helpful to ensure cards don't get lost in the shuffle. You can either choose a basket from home (and re-use it for future parties) or buy one to give to mom and baby as a thoughtful keepsake. We labeled a classic wire basket with the help of our talented lettering artists, but you can choose a lovely font from your computer and easily print a similar placard.

Card basket near a tissue paper pom-pom

It's important for the mom-to-be to be visible to the guests during the grand opening of her gifts. And it's also where she will be sitting for quite a while, so we suggest supplying your own pretty, padded chair (if none are available at your location). This will not only make her more comfortable, but it also provides a picture-perfect setting. Many photos will be taken here so we also added a balloon bouquet to the background, along with some beautifully wrapped gifts. Our reversible wrapping paper is a fun option from our collection and we also have a plethora of gift wrapping tips worth checking out – for any occasion!

Gift spot made by a pink and ivory chair, full with presents and decorated with ballons, tissue paper pom-poms and honeycombs.

Next Stop: Drinks!

Your guests may want a refreshing beverage after their drive, and while they're socializing, before they find their seat.

This is why we positioned our drink station close the cards and gifts.

Pink and gold party setup with a card basket and a pink lemonade dispenser, decorated with pink, gold and ivory tissue paper garlands, honeycombs and pom-poms.

Pink lemonade (or your pink drink of choice) in a clear dispenser is a clever way to keep the color scheme flowing. An upside-down white crate helps to position the spout at just the right height for guests fill up.

Paper cups can be dressed with chalkboard stickers for personalization. (Just don’t forget the chalk!) We also placed a layer of glitter scrapbook paper under the sticker for dimension. Fun napkins and color-coordinated paper straws complete the fresh look.

For an added splash of color, tissue paper tassels serve as a popular backdrop, but if you’re short on time, there are other areas to focus on.

Pink lemonade in a clear dispenser near some paper cups and pink, gold and ivory garlands

Time For Your Photoshoot!

Since baby showers are often happy reunions of family and friends, they'll love having a pretty place for photo opps!

Photo booth made by gold, pink and ivory tissue paper pom-poms and honeycombs, near BABY gold paper letters.

This photo backdrop was made from tissue paper pom-poms using crepe paper (very inexpensive) and honeycomb balls (about $5 for a set of 3). We bought paper mache letters and spray painted them gold to spell out BABY.

You may want to designate someone to point out this spot to guests fairly early in the party -  and maybe even gather groups to pose. This way everyone will get a picture with the mommy-to-be. And these memorable photos will likely be some of the best gifts of the day.

Dining Table

Since your guests will likely spend most of their time at the table, this is a good place to focus on the details. But it’s still not necessary to blow your budget.

Rather than buying or renting expensive table linens, you can give your room an upscale flair with material from a fabric store. We chose a pretty pink pintuck and folded under the ends with fabric tape (to avoid having to haul out the sewing machine).

Dinner table setup with a pink tablecloth and gold and pink paper flower glass decorations.

Simple gold chargers jazz up a glossy white paper plate and set off the table. A gift box (perhaps filled with sweets or a keepsake) is placed in the center, wrapped with curling ribbon and attached with double-sided tape. Attached on top is a circle “Thank You” tag that we offer as a free printable.

Pink and gold dinner table setup with pink tissue paper flower decorations in the midle.

The centerpieces are 32-ounce mason jars spray painted pink and gold. Inside them we placed tissue paper flowers (that are very easy to make) and scattered gold faux mercury-glass votives.

Pink and gold party setup with a pink diner table, white chairs decorated with ballonos, tissue paper flowers, garlands, pom-poms and honeycombs.

The Cake (and Candy) Table

When the main course is done, there's always room for sweets…and a sweet table to put them on!

Since the goodies themselves double as gorgeous décor, all you need is a gold sequin runner on a simple white plastic tablecloth. Again, this gives the display an upscale feel without the cost of renting a floor-length linen.

Candy bar with balloon bouquets and letter balloons decorations, near lollipops, gumballs, candy jar, and a pink and gold cake.

Surround the table with balloon bouquets and add a few letter balloons to the background to spell out BABY. The gold mylars pictured here don't even require helium (this way you can use them again). Just adhere them to the wall and connect with gold and white bakers twine.

Our “Candy Bar” features sweet treats that match the theme – animal crackers, clear rock candy sticks, pearl white sixlets, pink swirl lollipops and pearlized pink, gold and white gumballs…and pink frosted cake pops.

Biscuits jar, candy jar and a gold and pink cake, near a beautiful framed message.
Pink lollipops, white candy jar and pink candy sticks, decorated with balloons and tissue paper flowers

For the main cake-of-honor, we chose DecoPac with a whimsical yet classic design and topped it ourselves with bamboo skewers, paper pennants and bakers twine. A framed card adds a sweet sentiment and touch of artistic décor.

pink and gold cake, pom-poms, balloons and candy jars

Pom-poms, Balloons And Jars... Oh, My!

To make the style of the room feel seamlessly connected, we recommend duplicating details throughout several areas.

For example, clusters of balloons throughout the room will not only identify key areas (such as the gift and food table), but will creatively connect the themed colors, give height to the room, and add a sense of festiveness…for very little cost.

Pink, ivory and gold balloons.

If you don’t want to use helium, you can hang them from the ceiling using tape and ribbon. Make your own customized confetti balloons by using hole punches of coordinating tissue paper colors. (Tip: Place the tissue paper between two sheets of regular computer paper when you use your hole punch for the cleanest cut.) Stuff them by placing a funnel into a clear balloon's end and push them through with the eraser side of a pencil and then blow up the balloon.

Extra tissue paper pom-poms for the floors or on tables give a pop of color. And mason jars can be reused or re-painted for different parties. The 32-ounce size are super versatile and make great centerpieces, silverware holders, a place for straws, etc.

A Pink And Gold Party Fit For A Queen...and Princess!

The overall look of pink and gold shower decorations couldn't be more perfect to set the stage for a fabulous day.

Pink and gold party setup with pink and gold decorations.

Not only will this be a stunning celebration of a gorgeous mommy and her sweet little girl…but it will also be the beautiful beginning of many amazing moments to come.


After the pink and gold baby shower is over you can express your gratitude to your guests with a thank you card. We have some thank you messages for baby shower if you need some ideas on what you could write to thank your guests for attending the baby shower. 


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