Unicorn Themed Party Ideas

Okay, we’ll admit it. We love unicorns! Who doesn’t? And their popularity continues to soar, which makes a unicorn themed party a magical choice for people of all ages.

Once you decide on a unicorn party, you’ll quickly find out the sky’s the limit on amazing, adorable ideas for DIY unicorn decorations and ideas. But where do you begin — and end — especially if you don’t have a sky-high budget? Luckily, our experts have done the work for you to de-mystify the magic of perfect party planning. And your fairytale fantasyland is just a few fun projects away...

Enchanted Entrance

Upon arrival to your unicorn utopia, your guests will surely be taken by surprise and might not know where to look first. So let the unicorn lead the way! Or at least its hoof-prints. Use our free printable unicorn hoof to print unicorn hooves on colored paper. Print and cut as many as you need to lead your guests to key areas…such as the card/gift spot, beverage table, and Unicorn Photo Booth (details on that later).

Punch Up The Presents

Your guests will probably want to unload their gifts and cards as quickly as possible. And you might want to welcome them with a festive drink. That’s why we suggest designating a place for cards and gifts near the drink station.

Since unicorns are white (but your tables might not be), we suggest white tablecloths with rainbow colored accents as the theme for the room. Deck out the drink table with a DIY tissue paper banner, and don’t forget the walls. We purchased a cute felt ball garland (attached with temporary hooks), which frames the whole area nicely.

Bright and colorful tissue paper pom-poms are easy to make (thanks to our DIY tissue paper pom poms tutorial) and various-sized honeycombs (inexpensive to purchase) add pops of color and mixed texture to the table and floor.

Since purple is perhaps the most mystical color, we filled a clear drink dispenser with grape punch and made it even more enchanting with our free printable sign that reads “I believe in unicorns.” Placing the dispenser on a cake plateau or crate will help guests access the spout more easily and avoid spills. Add colorful napkins for added flair and to catch any drips.

A cute idea for the guest’s glasses is to wrap small milk bottles in pink and gold glitter tape and then add a magical touch with unicorn and rainbow straws.

Cards & Gifts

To avoid cards getting lost in the shuffle, it’s best to put them in a basket (that you probably have at home) and identify it with our free printable sign, which our designers made so colorful, all you need is white paper.


Next to the card and drink table, we placed presents on a pretty chair (or you can just tie balloons to a spare seat) to let guests know where their gifts go. Beautiful packages that match the theme can look like decorations themselves. So if you’re looking for a fun way to wrap a gift, we can supply you with awesome ideas and inspiration along with some gorgeous gift wrap, too.


Now Let’s Talk Food!

The Food Table can be decorated much like the Drink Table, with a white tablecloth, tissue paper tassels and wall décor of your choice. We also scattered confetti and printable stars for pops of color. And confetti-balloons are festive accents as well. Either you can use pre-cut confetti or make your own with a hole punch (TIP: place the paper between two pieces of tissue paper for a clean cut ).

But the real star of the table is the colorful combo of candy: rainbow lollipops, various shades of purple chocolate gems, aqua jellybeans, marshmallow ice cream cones, pink cake pops, cupcakes and large pink gumballs. Use cake plateaus or crates to place food at different heights for easy access and a pretty arrangement.

Cupcakes are always a popular treat, so we dressed up ours with gold tassel party picks for some sparkly bling.

Last but certainly not least, every unicorn needs a horn! Coincidentally, they’re the same shape as a party hat, which are super easy to make with our free party hat printable. Simply cut cones out of scrapbook paper and cut strips of tissue paper for flowing tassels.

Feeding Time!

When it’s time to eat, you can give your guests a delightful dining experience by making practically everything on the table edible. After dressing it up with our white tablecloth scattered with mini tissue paper pom poms, honeycombs, and confetti…we simply used food for all the centerpieces!

Place powdered donuts, cookies, fresh fruit, sprinkled donuts, and star shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on footed cake plateaus. And top the food with same glitter star food pics that were used on the cupcakes.

Create a gorgeous place setting with gold doilies as “charger plates” beneath paper plates, then finish the layered look with small unicorn plates. Dipping the handles of wood utensils in pink and gold paint is a clever way to give your cutlery some style.

Can We Have A Booth, Please?

We know photo booths are a big party trend right now, but there’s no need to rent a pricey professional when it just takes a little magic to create your own. All you need is a simple backdrop, our free printable photo props, and maybe an inflatable unicorn…

For the backdrop, we attached some shimmery fabric to the wall with tape and topped it with a garland of tissue pom poms and honeycombs, in various colors and sizes. An easy way to do this is to tie them all to a dowel, then attach that to the wall with removable hooks. Place larger pom poms and honeycombs on the floor, along with some oversized confetti-balloons to finish and frame the scene.

To make sure your guests know this picturesque setting is actually a place for them to pose, our artists created this printable Unicorn Photo Booth sign which we framed and perched on a vertical crate.

Of course, no photo booth experience is complete without props. So we’ve got those covered, too! Simply attach our photo booth printables to bamboo skewers and stick them in mason jars nearby. Then let the smiles (and selfies) begin.

The Grand Opening

Oh, but wait….there’s more! The photo booth can also be used a beautiful backdrop for opening gifts. Thanks to your gift and card organization earlier, everything can easily be gathered together (including the pretty chair) and relocated here for a spectacular photo opp.

Magic Touches

Still need a little something to fill some empty spaces? We suggest placing party-themed greeting cards around the room, which can double as thoughtful (and frameable) keepsakes.

DIY Your Guests A Favor…

You can also use party favors as table décor before you send them home with your guests, like these pretty pastel Favor Globes — which are as easy to make 1, 2, 3…4:

1. Buy mini acrylic jars. 2. Glue unicorn toys onto the top. 3. Paint the lids/unicorns various colors to match the theme. 4. Add our free printable party favor tag for the adorable finishing touch.

A Dream Come True!

Wow! Doesn’t your unicorn party look amazing?! From the very first step (or hoof) in the door, your guests will feel like they walked into a fairytale.

And your lucky guest-of-honor will have a bright, happy, magical day that they’ll remember forever.

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