DIY ballet Gift Bows

Merry Christmas! We hope you find this season full of joy and wonder. To help make your holiday gift-giving even more festive, we created this pretty ballerina-inspired bow gift wrapping idea to dress up your holiday gifts.

Here’s what You’ll Need:

  • Wrapped gift
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

To measure the length of ribbon you’ll need, loosely wrap the ribbon around your gift about seven times. Since this bow will criss-cross the package three times before you tie your bow, you’ll need the extra length. Cut your ribbon to this length.

Find the middle of your ribbon and make a small crease to keep track of it while you place it on the back of your gift. Slide it beneath the gift, keeping the center in the lower back of the gift.

As you pull your ribbon to the front, criss-cross them at the front of the gift and lay your ribbons flat against the package.

Slide your ribbons straight behind the gift and pull them to the front, criss-crossing again. Slide them beneath the gift one more time and as you pull them to the front, you will then tie a small bow.

If you need to adjust the ribbon’s placement on the gift, slide it into place before you tie your final bow in case you need to adjust for length.

After you tie the bow, snip the ends and your gift is picture-perfect!

Still need help? View our full tutorial here:

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