How To tie A Perfect Bow


Dainty gifts tied perfectly with ribbons look amazing under a holiday tree, but what if you aren't a skilled bow-tier? We created this easy tutorial that helps you fake it until you make it' with an absolutely perfect bow that will fit tightly on any gift you have this holiday season. It does require a glue gun, but we assure you that it only takes a few minutes and the results are worth it!

Here's what You'll Need:

  • Wrapped gift
  • Ribbon
  • Elastic
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

First, you will want to take a small elastic or rubber band and attach your ribbon to it. We used a piece of elastic and tied it into a little loop. Using the elastic on the back makes it so that the gift lays absolutely flat (because there's no knot in the back) and the bonus is that it also makes the bow reusable.

Add a dot of hot glue to the end of the ribbon and fold it over the elastic loop to attach it. Do the same thing to the other end of the ribbon, attaching it tightly to the elastic.

You then flip your gift over and make the faux "loops" of the bow by folding the ribbon into a little loop. Hot glue the loose end of the ribbon on the underside and then add another dot of glue on the middle of the ribbon so it is attached in the center.

Use your excess ribbon to create a faux center of the bow by hot gluing it onto the back of the loop you've made, wrap it around the front and then glue it down in the back, cutting off any excess.

Attach your bow onto the ribbon band horizontally or vertically as you see fit and voila — the absolute perfect, reusable bow for all of your holiday gifts… And you didn't even have to wrestle with holding down a ribbon while trying to tie a knot!

Need more help? Watch our full tutorial below:

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