Tissue Paper Snowman Tutorial


Looking for the perfect way to dress up a gift for a jolly, happy soul? We created this simple tissue paper snowman tutorial that you can easily replicate at home with just a few craft materials.

Here’s what You’ll Need:

  • Gift box
  • 3 pieces of white tissue paper
  • One piece of black tissue paper
  • Curling ribbon
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors

You’ll start out by making a mini version of our tissue paper pom poms , but first you’ll need to cut your tissue paper to size.

Take one piece of tissue paper and lay it flat. Fold it in half once and cut it along the fold. Fold it in half again and cut it along the seam.

Take 4 rectangles of tissue and from the narrow side, fold it back and forth to create 1″ folds, pressing as you go along. When you reach the end of your tissue, press it in half to find the center of your tissue. Tie a piece of ribbon tightly at the center.

Cut a petal shape on the ends of your tissue by simply snipping a rounded edge on each end.

Starting with the bottom snowball, attach it to the gift by taping the ends of the ribbon to the gift.

You then repeat the process of creating the mini pom-poms for the additional two snowballs, trimming them progressively smaller when you cut the petal shapes on the end of the tissue paper folds.

To make the hat, cut a rectangle of black tissue paper for the top of the hat and fold a strip to create brim of the hat.

Wrap the brim around the top hat and tape both to the gift, fitting it around the snowman’s head.

To create the scarf, take a scrap of wrapping paper (we used our striped reversible wrapping paper for both the gift box and the scarf) and fold it into a little strip. Tape the back of the band you’ve made, snip fringe on each end and wrap it under the tissue paper pom poms, taping it to the package.

Snip fringe on each end and wrap the scarf around your thumb, overlapping the fringed ends.

Attach the scarf to the snowman and press down making sure not to de-fluff the white pom poms.

Now you have a uniquely wrapped gift, handcrafted by you, that will surely warm the hearts of family and friends.

Sign your card with a heartfelt Christmas message and voila! A pretty presentation that’s perfect for warming someone’s heart this Christmas.

Need more help? Watch our full tutorial below:

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