Just when you thought that summer might last forever, a crisp wind comes out of nowhere and turns your ice-cream cone into something that is no doubt pumpkin-flavored. Ta-da — fall is here! It’s Mother Nature for the win by going over-the-top with color-blazing glory to kick off the most celebratory quarter of the year. And, like an enticing pile of leaves, she has us all jumping in.

Join the fun and check out some of the fall inspiration ideas we’ve collected below. It’s an amazing season for staying connected to students who are off on their own for the first time (and seriously craving snail mail), for celebrating fall birthdays, and of course — for scaring up spooktacular Halloween celebration ideas, too!


Tips & Inspiration

What To Write In A Halloween Card

Stuff mailboxes and lunch boxes with unexpected Halloween fun. We’ll help the words spill from your pen like magic.

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Halloween Celebration Ideas

Name your poison: house-decorating? Booing the neighbors? Spooky stories? Beware: these ideas may cause new traditions.

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Celebrate Birthdays

According to researchers, people born in autumn are more likely to hit 100! That’s a lot of parties, so here’s a lot of party ideas to keep the fun going.

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