Here’s What You’ll Need:

Place the gift box on your wrap to where the edge of the paper will fit about ¾ of the way up the side of the box. Repeat this with the opposite side; this is where you’ll begin to cut.

Make sure you cut enough lengthwise to fit around the entire gift, giving yourself a little extra room for folding (more on that later). Roll the box along the length of the paper so you can get an idea of how much length is needed, then cut once again.

Place the box upside down on the center of the paper (the bottom of the box should be facing up).

Take the top edge of the paper and cover about ¾ of the bottom of the gift. Tape the wrap to the box.

On the opposite end, fold the edge over (about half an inch) and repeat, this time taping it over the area you just wrapped.

Fold the top flat against the box, using two fingers to press the seams on each side. Secure with tape. Repeat this step on the opposite side of the box.

Your gift is now wrapped and ready. Add a bow or ribbon and a card and you’re all set!

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