Whether you bought something off their registry or have your own unique wedding gift idea, you’re going to need gift wrap that’s as lovely as their big day. This easy, DIY gift wrap idea is one way to make your gift stand out from the rest, and requires only a few simple supplies.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Image with bow, glitter tape, scissors and wrapping paper needed for the wrapped gift.
Step 1 -  Image with hands holding the wrapped wedding gift prepared for taping

Take your roll of glitter tape, start rolling a strip around your wrapped gift, and then cut it once you’ve gone all the way around.

Step 2 - Image with hands rolling a strip of glitter tape around the wrapped gift
Step 3 - image with hands cutting the wrapping tape once the strip is rolled all the way around

Repeat the previous step, wrapping the tape around the opposite side of the box. Place a bow where the two pieces of tape intersect.

Step 4 - image with hands wrapping the tape around the opposite side of the box
Step 5 - Image with hands placing a matching bow where the 2 pieces of tape intersect
Image with hands holding a finished wedding wrapped gift

And there you have it! Easy, right? Try this gift wrap idea with a matching bow and glitter tape, or contrast with silver and gold.


Still need some extra help? Watch our full video tutorial below:


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