DIY Birthday Wall Calendar


With a new year just beginning, it’s the perfect time to make a pact with yourself to stay on top of birthdays for all the people you care about. There are many of us that have the best intentions, but as the calendar flipped to January 1st and we vowed to be more organized, we uncovered all the birthday cards that somehow never made it to the mailbox last year. (Rats.)

The thought of making all the people we care about feel remembered, energized us to come up with a solution to not miss their special days again. So here’s a super easy and inexpensive DIY that we wanted to share with you to help keep tabs on the birthdays for all your favorite people!

What you’ll Need:

  • Frame (whatever size/shape you like, but it should be large enough to fit every month)
  • Wrapping paper (since you’ll be writing on the glass of the frame, you may want to stay away from patterns that are too busy)
  • Scissors
  • Tape (we used double-sided tape, but you can use regular tape as well)
  • Pencil
  • Dry erase markers

1. Remove the back of the frame and place it on whatever side of your wrapping paper that you don’t want to show. (Because some wrap is reversible!) Trace around the backing with your pencil and then cut out the paper along your drawn line.

2. Place your piece of cut wrapping paper on top of the backing of the frame and reassemble it back in the frame. (This is where we recommend using tape. We found that our paper tended to curl at bit at the edges, so we used double-sided tape on the corners and along the edges to ensure it would lay flat and smooth.)

3. Use your dry erase markers to write out the 12 months and then fill in the names and birthdays under each month that you want to remember. You’ll see that our particular paper has lines on it that made it easy for us to keep our calendar sort of grid-like, but be creative and have fun with shapes and patterns. The looks for this can be as creative as you want!

4. You did it! Your birthday wall calendar is ready to hang!

Not only do you have something cute and stylish to hang on your wall, but come this time next year, we bet there won’t be one forgotten birthday card laying around, which means everyone you care about feels remembered and loved. What a great feeling!

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