Thank You Gift Ideas for Teachers

There’s no doubt about it — teaching is hard work. Teachers put a lot of time and effort into educating your kids, which is why it’s important to give back and say thanks. Whether you’re looking for an end-of-the-year gift or are wondering what do you get a teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day — which falls on the Tuesday of the first full week of May — use these thank you gift ideas for teachers to show that you value everything they do.

Thank You Card

Sometimes the most thoughtful Teacher Appreciation gift is also the simplest. A personalized thank you card from both you and your child highlights the impact the teacher has had on your family’s life. For a unique twist, try our Creatacard™ card maker, where you can add a heartfelt message, photo, music and even confetti!

Gift Card

During Teacher Appreciation Week, sending an egift card with your Teacher Appreciation card is a great way to express gratitude. American Greetings offers gift cards from a range of retailers, from bookstores to coffee shops, appealing to many different interests. Check out the variety of options on our gift cards page. When deciding how much to gift, it depends on your finances and how much you feel comfortable contributing. While some suggest giving anywhere from $50 to $100 per parent toward a gift card, others opt for smaller amounts like $25. Ultimately, the sentiment behind the gift is what truly matters, whether it’s for personal enjoyment or practical classroom supplies. (Note: Always make sure to check with your school’s gifting policy before sending cash gifts and gift cards to faculty.)

Classroom Decorations

Teachers often have more than enough coffee mugs and pencil holders, but classroom décor is always in high demand. Here are two thank you gift ideas any teacher is sure to appreciate:

A fun and colorful sign with the teacher’s name can welcome everyone to the classroom.

A plaque with a favorite quote or saying can offer encouragement to every child in the room.

Keepsake Scrapbook

The best thank you gift ideas for teachers often involve the whole classroom. Ask all the kids to create a colorful page by drawing a picture or writing a letter — just make sure each student signs their contribution. One parent can collect these pages and add them to a scrapbook that the teacher will cherish for years to come.

Books For the Classroom

Share the joy of reading with the gift of a book — or a bundle of books. If you’ve spent time in the classroom, you might have noticed that some books are so popular, they’re missing covers or even pages. Or maybe your child has a favorite story they want to pass on. Write a personal inscription or a note of thanks inside the front cover, and future students will see the impact their teacher has made.

Personalized Stationery

If you’ve received a handwritten note from the teacher at some point during the school year, then chances are good they’ll appreciate personalized stationery in the form of note cards or a notepad. Go with the teacher’s initial if you don’t have time to get stationery customized with their full last name. Pop a nice pen into the gift bag as well for an extra-special touch.

Homemade Bouquet

Flowers are a universal sign of caring, and this is one bouquet that’s both meaningful and inexpensive. Give your child colored tissue paper to make flowers. Gather these tissue paper flowers together for a heartfelt bouquet that lasts. If your kids are older and have outgrown elementary crafts, then swap the tissue for unique live flowers from a flower shop.

Volunteer Your Time

Time is one thing most teachers just don’t have enough of. Offer to help your child’s teacher with whatever they need. Organizing classroom supplies, making photocopies, correcting papers or deep cleaning the classroom are just a few ways you might be able to help. This idea is also the perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation Day, which falls in May, because it lends help when it’s needed most: before the busy end-of-school year.

School Supplies

Many teachers reach into their own pockets to pay for school supplies for their classrooms. For Teacher Appreciation Day, you can help lessen the burden by gifting supplies. Instead of guessing, ask the teacher which supplies are in high demand or on the pricey side. This also makes a great group gift, with every child offering to bring a different item.

Subscription Box

Most teachers are bombarded with gifts in May and June, but it’s when they’re deep in the trenches of the school year that they can really use a little love. Give just that with a monthly subscription box. You can choose a service that caters to classroom needs with boxes full of educational resources, or opt for a more personal touch with gourmet food, greeting cards or even books. No matter what you choose, your teacher will greatly appreciate the sentiment when they have a box full of goodies waiting at their doorstep each month.

Tote Bag

A versatile tote bag is a practical teacher appreciation gift idea, perfect for carrying teaching materials, running errands and practicing sustainability with its reusable nature. Give to your favorite teacher or many. Personalization will add a thoughtful touch to your thank you teacher gifts!


Teacher Appreciation Week gifts like scent diffusers, bath sets, spa vouchers and healthy snack baskets all encourage self-care and make wonderful thank you gift ideas for teachers.

Water Bottle

A designer water bottle makes a great thank you teacher gift, not only for hydration throughout the day, but by reducing plastic waste and adding a touch of style to their desk!


Many teachers would appreciate a candle as a teacher appreciation gift because it can create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in their home or classroom, helping them unwind after a long day of teaching. Tip: Choose a neutral scent or unscented candle to account for different preferences to smell.


A cozy blanket is a fantastic teacher appreciation gift, offering warmth, comfort and relaxation.

Larger Item For the School

Many parents give small gifts for teachers, but if you’re looking to up the wow factor — maybe your child’s teacher is celebrating a milestone anniversary at the school or retiring from the profession — then celebrate this big accomplishment with a larger gift. If the whole class contributes, then you can buy a set of books, plant a tree, purchase a playground bench, or donate another needed item. Inscribe your gift or add a plaque with the teacher’s name and a dedication.

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