What to Write: Wedding Card Messages for Daughter and Son-in-law

You’ve been there through it all: the battles, the challenges, the lessons, and the triumphs that defined her life and made her the amazing person she is today. You’ve watched her grow with more pride and love than you ever knew possible — and now you’re celebrating the love that she’s found, the new son-in-law you’re welcoming into the family, and all the adventures that await.

This day comes with a full range of emotions, and deciding how to put those feelings into words might be a little intimidating when you get ready to write in your daughter and son-in-law’s wedding card. The original sentiment inside the card can get you most of the way there, but when it comes down to it, there’s nothing better (or more valued) than your own words added to the inside.

Read on for some suggestions for the perfect message to write in a wedding day card for your daughter and son-in-law — the newest happy couple in the family!

Share the Love

A lot of beautiful moments have led up to this happy day, and a lot of new memories are sure to come in the days and years ahead. Congratulate the couple with a reminder of love and support.

  • Love gets stronger every day, and so do the two of you.
  • Be the gift to the world that your love is to each other.
  • Your love is proof that sometimes people are just made for each other.
  • Nothing could be more beautiful than celebrating both of you.

Share the Wisdom

Of all the lessons you’ve learned in love and relationships, there’s certainly a few you’d like to pass on to the next generation. Whether big or small, no bit of caring advice is unwelcome with a warm wish behind it.

  • Always remember that you’re in this together.
  • No matter what happens, love will see you through.
  • You can face anything when you’re side by side.
  • Happily ever after starts with you.

Share the Laughter

Nothing could be a better reason to laugh and celebrate than your daughter’s wedding. Revisit the memories you share with your daughter and son-in-law that make you laugh the most as you write your wedding card.

  • Just remember — whatever goes wrong today will be hilarious in ten years.
  • You’re going to make the cutest old couple.
  • My wedding gift to you? Not asking when you’ll have kids.
  • You’re both a little weird in all the best ways — and even better together.

Celebrating the new chapter in your daughter and son-in-law’s lives is the fulfillment of long-held dreams and the inspiration for new ones. This beautiful milestone will definitely be one of your favorite memories for years to come. Ensure that your wedding day card to your daughter and son-in-law says everything that’s in your heart by writing your own personal, genuine wish for the happy days ahead!

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