Congratulations on Job Promotion Messages

In the business world, greeting cards are more than just folded little pieces of paper. They’re relationship builders. A simple note congratulating your co-worker on her job promotion or her 20th anniversary with the company can make her feel recognized and appreciated. You didn’t just send a card — you sent a smile. And it’s really impressive because you did it through interoffice mail.

Celebrating these milestones in your co-workers lives can actually help give your career a boost, too. Those good vibes you’re sending out at the workplace will definitely come back to you. Everyone loves the nice guy or gal in the office.

So what should you say for the most important occasions around the office? When someone gets a great job promotion or a new hire comes on board? Or when your favorite co-worker has been with the company for 15 years or the person who sits at the desk next to you is retiring? Give some of these ideas a try.

Job Promotion

Sending a congrats card to say congratulations on a job promotion is just a nice thing to do. Plus, it’s always a good idea to make friends with people who are on their way up. (That’s called a win-win.)

  • Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion!
  • Good luck in your new position.
  • You should be really happy and proud of your success.
  • Hope this promotion brings all kinds of new challenges and opportunities for you.
  • Way to climb that corporate ladder!
  • You worked hard for this and you deserve it.

New Job

When you need to welcome a new hire to your company, sharing a card on their first day can really send the right message and make them feel at home.

  • Hope this job is the start of great things for you.
  • We’re lucky to have you here.
  • Let’s have lunch (or drinks) sometime to celebrate.
  • I know you’ll do a great job!
  • So excited to have you as part of our team.
  • Welcome to our workplace.

Work Anniversary

Make your co-workers feel recognized and proud with a card celebrating their milestone anniversaries at work. Whether they’ve been with the company 5 years, 15 years, or 50 years, we’ve got ideas for the perfect message.

  • Happy Work-iversary!
  • It’s such a joy to celebrate all your years of success.
  • You make a real difference around here.
  • Working with you has always been one of the perks of this place.
  • Thanks for all your hard work over the years.
  • You give us a reason to celebrate every day.


The big day has finally come. Your co-worker has put in their time and they’re about to ride off into the sunset. Honor their years of hard work and dedication with the perfect retirement card message.

  • You will be missed!
  • Hope you spend your retirement doing the things that mean the most to you.
  • Relax and enjoy your retirement. You deserve it!
  • So excited to see what you’ll do next!
  • Hope the future is as happy as you dreamed it would be.
  • You’re retiring? Can I come with you?

Writing a great congratulations card for your co-workers doesn’t have to feel like work. One last piece of advice — if you really want to sweeten someone’s day, don’t forget to bring in some cake with your card. Everyone loves celebratory office cake!

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