What to Write in an Engagement Card

An engagement is a big deal, and chances are, the engaged couple will keep the cards they receive during this time forever and ever (the good ones, anyway!) — so you’re gonna want your engagement congratulations message to be pretty legendary. No pressure, though! We’re here to help!

When You Kinda-Sorta Know Them

If you’re not particularly close to the engaged couple, or if touchy-feely messages just aren’t your thing, a simple wish or congratulatory message is the way to go.

Engagement Congratulations Messages

  • You’re engaged! Congratulations on finding somebody wonderful to spend the rest of your life with.
  • Congratulations on this exciting time in your lives!
  • Well, this is BIG news! I’m thrilled for you both!
  • I hope your future together is filled with infinite happiness, laughter, and love.
  • This is the beginning of your happily ever after. Congrats!
  • Yass! I love good news! Congrats on your engagement!
  • Congratulations to the future bride and groom. I’m so happy you’ve found your forever love.

When You Super-duper Know Them

Bring on the sappiness! If one or both of the couple is crazy-important to you, you’ll want to get a little more personal and effusive in your engagement card message. Try to incorporate specifics that are unique to the couple’s relationship together — or to your relationship with them.

Engagement Congratulations Messages from Parents

  • Congratulations on your engagement, you two! [Beth], you’re an incredible daughter, and you bring us the kind of joy that that simply can’t be explained. We’re proud of the woman you’ve become, and we’re proud you’ve found such a wonderful person to love — somebody who treats you with the love and respect you so deserve. [Matt], thank you for being so, so good to our daughter; we’re overjoyed to be welcoming you into our family. Love, Mom and Dad
  • Congratulations to our amazing son and future daughter-in-law! [Beth], we didn’t think we’d ever meet a woman special enough for our son, but here you are. We’re over the moon that you two are going to be spending the rest of your lives together — you’re perfect for each other. We look forward to watching you guys walk down the aisle. Love, Mom and Dad

Engagement Congratulation Messages from Friends / Loved Ones

  • [Beth], you’re one of the most important people in the world to me, and I love seeing you so in love. [Matt’s] amazing, and you two are perfect together.
  • Finally! You two really are meant for each other and I’m so glad you’re getting married.
  • It makes me happy to see you this happy.
  • Soul mates do exist! Congrats on your engagement!
  • I had a feeling you two were in it for the long haul. You complement each other so well!
  • You share the kind of love that makes people believe in love.
  • I can’t wait to see you become a little family.

When You Want to Make Them Laugh

If you’d rather skip all the sentimental stuff and just bring on a chuckle, go for it! It’s also memorable to add a funny line to a sincere message. Just keep the joke positive and friendly, and make sure you know the couple will appreciate your humor.

Funny Engagement Congratulations Messages

  • Two crazy awesome nerds found each other – hooray! Can’t wait for your wedding!
  • Thank God for Pinterest. May the wedding planning begin!
  • It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
  • Weddings aren’t really my thing, but I’m actually looking forward to yours. Must mean I kinda like you guys or something. Congratulations!
  • About freaking time! Congrats on your engagement!
  • Congratulations on your wise decision. I mean, if you’re going to live together anyway, you might as well get a bunch of presents for it!

That’s it! With the above engagement message ideas and examples, you’ll be able to write an amazing and, dare we say, engaging message in an engagement card.

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