What to Write in a Love Card For Him

It’s really great that you’re here to make a card for that special guy in your life. Just the fact that you’re making the effort says a lot about how you feel about him, and about your relationship. Want to make it something he’ll be sure to remember? Well, we’re here for you!

We interviewed the guys, the men, the fellas, and the dudes in our lives and came up with ways to convey our feelings. We’re not telling you word-for-word what to write in a love message for him, but knowing the whats and whys behind his preference can give you some awesome tips.

We’ve listed some general sentiments below. Just pick the one you’d like to say most, and we’ll show you different examples of how to express exactly that. Feel free to put them into your own words to let your man know exactly how you feel!

I See All the Little Things You Do, And I Appreciate Them.

  • Every time you [make my morning coffee] or [buy my favorite doughnut], I know what you’re really saying is “I love you.” And I love you, too.
  • It’s not the things you say, but the things you do that mean the most to me. Thank you for being so absolutely wonderful.

You're a Really Good Dad. I Know You Work Hard At It, And It Shows.

  • Your efforts with [name of kid(s)] are responsible for at least half—if not a bit more—of [his/her/their] amazing awesomeness. And I love you for that.
  • Props for the way you father our kid(s), [Name]! You’re one incredible dad.

You're Sexy.

  • There’s no one—and I mean no one—who comes even close to you. Looks included.
  • You’re kind, handsome, and pretty sexy, too. Basically, I hit the jackpot. Love you, [Name]!

I Respect You.

  • For all you do with no expectation of recognition or reward, I have only one thing to say: I love you for it.
  • I know I don’t say it nearly enough, but you’re my hero—in every way.

I Love You.

  • I’m so happy and content being by your side. In fact, there’s no other place on earth I’d rather be.
  • It’s so easy for me to remember all the reasons I said, “Yes!” and “I do!”
  • You + Me = Forever and ever and ever.

See? It’s not so hard to come up with love messages that are sincere and heartfelt. You just needed a little boost. And we’re glad to have been here to help.