Stationery Printable Templates

These printable templates are for use with stationery products available at American Greetings supplied retail stores. These templates will work with Microsoft™ Word 97 and higher and are compatible with most ink jet printers.

Templates are listed by SKU and type below. Once you locate your template, right click the link and choose "Save as...".

Printing Tips:

The following are some basic printing tips:

  1. Always test print on a plain sheet of paper.

  2. Hold the printed sheet behind the product (or Practice Sheet, if included with the product) to check the alignment of your layout.

  3. Slight adjustments to the layout may be necessary.

  4. If the entire sheet is slightly misaligned, adjust the top and/or left margins slightly if your program has this feature.

  5. When satisfied with the layout, print onto the product.