Trump! The Birthday Musical Ecard (Song)

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Card Verse
[Lyrics] Greetings and salutations. My name is on towers. I've got executive powers. But this day, this day is all about you. And it's gonna be YUUUUGE. That's right. It's your birthday. And I got to say, it's going to be tremendous, OK? 'Cause it's B, to the I, to the R-T-H, to the D-A-Y. It's B, to the I...all right, that's enough with the spelling. And it's a bit of a disaster if I'm being honest. Now where was I? I'm very smart. I like art. I'm richer than Bush or Obama. But this date we celebrate the day you came out of your mama. Consider this a guarantee that your birthday is gonna be YUUUUGE! [Message] Your birthday is gonna be YUUUUGE!