The Great Things Mothers Do Ecard

Card Verse
These kids, they'll drive you straight into the nuthouse... and by the way, they shaved the dog. These kids, they think the world revolves around them... and by the way, the sink is clogged. And then, the principal would like to see you. What this concerns, you have no clue. And then, some person called who needed someone to volunteer... and now that's you. Mothers! Mothers! You have to do it all! Mothers! Mothers! You're there each time they fall. You're out of milk, you need a hug, the cat threw up on your new rug... If only they all knew about the stuff that you go through. Mothers! Mothers! You cook, you clean, you work. Mothers! Mothers! Trying not to go berserk! Kids need a ride, they want tattoos, they want two-hundred-dollar shoes! On Mother's Day, we thank you for the great things that you do. Happy Mother's Day!


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