Give Meaning to What Matters

Never forget to give meaning to the relationships that matter most — the real love, the real quirks, even the real moments of missed–communication. Watch and see how a card can help you say what you really mean — and share your own real moments with #GiveMeaning.

What It Means To Love

Words Mean Everything - Better Communication In Our Relationships

Communication isn’t always simple, but it's necessary to maintain healthy relationships. And each one requires its own unique effort to show we care. Get insights and tips from Relationships Expert & Holistic Therapist Koren Bierfeldt, LPCC on how to nurture your relationships with people who matter most. Read More


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Being There Through Infertility

To raise awareness of the importance of offering support to those experiencing infertility, we wanted to share an inside look on the topic, as told by the people who have lived it. read more

Words Stay With Us Forever

Love What Matters

Read compelling stories from the Love What Matters community that #GiveMeaning. read more

New greeting cards sure to make them smile

Every moment - big, small, hilarious and heartfelt - is an opportunity to make a meaningful connection - even if it doesn’t fall on a calendar. Recognize a real moment with a card today:

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