Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

You work together every day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know each other well. But birthdays are meant to be celebrated. So, if you’re looking for small gift ideas for coworkers, you’ve come to the right place. Buying for your office mates can be easy, especially when you consider these 10 birthday gift ideas for coworkers.

Organize an Office Happy Hour

Why not show your coworker how much you care by spending a little time together outside of the office? Send an invite out to everyone, and treat your coworker to an hour or two of fun after work. To make it even more festive, consider making it a surprise by inviting him or her out one-on-one and have everyone else already there. Best of all, this is a great idea when you’re looking for inexpensive gifts for coworkers because you can all chip in together and split the bill.

Host a Birthday Lunch

Similar to the happy hour idea, this is another lovely way to make it feel like a party without spending too much money. Have everyone chip in to go out to your favorite lunch spot, or organize it in-office, potluck style. Add a cake and the guest of honor and you’re all set with a lovely coworker gift idea equally appropriate for coworkers you’ve known for years or those new to the office.

Daytrip Anyone?

If you have a close-knit group at work, organizing a special daytrip to celebrate your coworker could be tons of fun. Head to the local bowling alley for the afternoon, tour nearby wineries, or check out the latest exhibit at the museum. Whatever you decide, make it central to the birthday gal’s or guy’s favorite things. Like the lunch and happy hour idea, this works well for groups because everyone can contribute to offset the cost for the guest of honor.

Framed Artwork

Find a photo that blends with your coworker’s desktop decor and frame it in a matted frame. Before assembling it, have all your other coworkers sign the matte or add a special message to it. Then, your coworker will have a decorative piece to add to the desktop along with a personal touch that’s sure to make him or her feel special.

Notes of Honor

For anyone interested in small gift ideas for coworkers or inexpensive gifts for coworkers, this one is a winner. It isn’t large and flashy or very expensive, but it does make an impression with the heartfelt sentiment and time that you take to organize it. Buy a lovely set of blank cards and handwrite a note to your coworker. You could list all the qualities you admire most about him or her, advice for the year ahead, or things to remember when he or she is having a rough day at the office. You could also ask the rest of your coworkers to do the same. Then, package the notes in a beautiful gift box and wrap it with a bow for a special keepsake that will keep your coworker smiling for the year ahead.

Personalized Desk Accessories

Small gift ideas for coworkers don’t have to be chintzy or impersonal. Consider buying something special like a gorgeous paperweight, personalized mouse, or an engraved desktop clock with your coworker’s name, initials or a special message. Every day, he or she will look at it on the desk and think of your thoughtfulness.

Gag Gifts

If you’re looking for fun small gift ideas for coworkers, why not think about organizing a group gift basket filled with office-appropriate gag gifts. Everyone could contribute one gift to the basket and your coworker will have a great time reorganizing his or her desk with gifts like a countdown to retirement clock, funny desk accessory holders, magnetic pens and desktop games.

Decorate the Cubicle

Although there are many funny gifts for coworkers to choose from, gag gifts rarely hold a candle to the surprise of walking into work and finding your cubicle had a makeover. Hang tissue paper pom poms, wrap binders and books with colorful paper, slap a bow on top of the computer and top it all off with party supplies like confetti and a fun banner to complete the look.

A New Mug

Perfect for the coffee or tea lover in your office, these inexpensive gifts for coworkers show that you’ve been paying attention to your office mate’s preferences. They also add a personal touch without going overboard, so you’ll still be safe with this one even if you’re buying a gift for a coworker you don’t know well. Find a colorful, fun or witty mug and add a small bag of coffee, specialty tea or hot cocoa. Package it in a clear bag with a bow – and voila!

We hope you have fun celebrating your coworkers and sharing lots of happy wishes with them for a day they’ll appreciate and remember.

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