Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Do you need epic birthday gift ideas for the men in your life? Whether it’s for 30th birthday gift ideas, 50th birthday gift ideas, or gift ideas for teenage guys, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered the most unique and meaningful big birthday ideas for you to borrow and customize for your own birthday man. Whether he’s turning 16, 60, or any age in between, whatever his passions and hobbies, we think you’ll be inspired by the ideas below.

Create a Namesake Sandwich

We know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So why not create a new sandwich, drink, or his favorite food and name it after him? Build a kit with the recipe and ingredients, then include a card that says you’ll treat him to his namesake creation every month for the next year. His heart — and stomach — will thank you every time you bring him a savory meal, refreshing drink, or sweet treat named specifically after him.

Honor His Memories

You probably know how fond men of all ages are of reliving stories from their past. Whether it’s a memory from two or 20 years ago, it’s a precious time that they’ll forever remember. Honor their memories a number of ways, and your gift will always bring a smile to their face. Bonus: This idea works for young and mature men alike. Ask family members and friends to submit photos and memories, then compile them in a scrapbook for your man’s special day. Or create a poster with photos and memories either digitally or by hand, and then frame it. Choose a theme if you’d like. For example, “funny dates” or “vacations to remember.” You can even use a shadow box frame to pin in memorabilia, from childhood mementos to other milestone events that are super special to your man.

Count the Reasons Why

What guy doesn’t like to be reminded of all the reasons he’s so loved and appreciated? A quick and easy way to pull this idea together is to use his favorite candy or other sweet treat. Gather it up, find an appropriate glass container, and then write out the number of reasons why you love and appreciate him that correlates to his birthday. Attach the slips of paper to the goodies and place them in the jar, put a bow or ribbon on it, and present it to him with love. For example, tape slips of paper to candy kisses or little packs of candy, or use ribbon to tie on slips of paper to his favorite homemade cookies that are decorated with his age. You can also create a “count the reasons why” gift by printing out a digitally designed version, such as “50 Reasons Why I Love You” for a 50th birthday gift, and frame it.

Give Him Day Trips

Sometimes guys need a little nudge to get out of the house, so give it to him in gift form for his milestone birthday. You can do this a number of ways, such as giving him a birthday card that offers “21 Surprise Day Trips for Your 21st Birthday.” Day trips could simply be a day at the beach together or a drive to a gourmet ice cream parlor two towns over that you know he’s wanted to try forever. Or if you want him to know where you plan to take him, give him a card with a checklist so he can keep it with him to prepare for his adventures. Another way to present this idea is to give him a trinket related to each day trip you plan on taking him on. Put it into a basket with a big ribbon and let him guess where he’s going. Want to take him on a hot air balloon trip? Give him a packet of balloons and have fun watching him guess where he’s going!

Assemble a Survival Kit

Customize a survival kit — always a classic and humorous hit — to your man’s milestone birthday, and he’ll love you for it. After all, every milestone birthday calls for a survival kit! For example, a survival kit for a 40th, 50th, or 60th birthday can include gag items like a bag of Epsom salt for bathing those aches and pains away. An electronic gadget finder for forgetfulness. A magnifying glass for eyesight issues. A packet of 60 pennies to start a retirement fund. Well, you get the idea, but keep it lighthearted and fun. For the younger crowd, how about giving them candy or energy drinks to give them the pep they need to pull all-nighters studying, an air freshener for their car, and if he’s going off to college, give him toiletries, laundry supplies, and vending machine dollars.

Build His Bucket List

Help the man in your life with the milestone birthday achieve his bucket list. If he doesn’t have one, create one for him using, what else…a bucket! Give him bucket list ideas correlating to his birthday age — 18 bucket list ideas for his 18th birthday, 40 bucket list ideas for his 40th birthday — you get the idea. Does he want to learn to water ski? Find a toy boat and attach a card with a lesson you’ve purchased for him. Has he always wanted to run a marathon? Start him training with a new pair of running shoes.

We hope these ideas will help the man in your life celebrate his birthday with much joy and adventure!

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