Birthday Gift Ideas for Someone With Everything

You could spend months trying to figure out what birthday gift to get for someone who has everything. But if you consider thinking outside of the traditional gift box, the odds are high that you’ll come up with some creative, heartfelt ideas sure to honor the special relationship you share. Next time you need a gift for the person who seems to have it all, consider this list of ideas.

The Gift of Travel

When you’re looking for gifts for the woman or the man who has everything, it’s hard to beat the allure of a well-planned getaway. Even the most avid traveler appreciates heading out to destinations unknown — especially if you’re joining them to create a memorable experience together.

And it doesn’t mean you have to send them halfway around the world either. There may be something right in your own backyard that they’ve never seen, like a famous cave, building, or cavern that draws people yearly from all over. How about Lost Lake in Sisters, Oregon where the lake disappears down a hole every spring? Or The Bulb River in Sandwich, Massachusetts where 35,000 grape hyacinths flow like a purple river down a hill? The Four Corners Monument in Utah will give anyone the gift of being in four places at once (talk about a gift of time travel!), and for only two weeks in June, thousands of fireflies put on a light show like no one’s ever seen in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. With a bit of searching, you can find some fascinating wonders that will surprise anyone who thinks they may have ‘seen it all.’

A New Experience

Just because your friend has everything doesn’t mean that he or she has done everything. Giving the gift of an amazing experience — whether you’re joining your friend or not — is more memorable than any extra “stuff” you could add to their collection. Think about giving the gift of adventure or learning new skills. Some ideas include a hot air balloon ride, a cooking class with a master chef, or rock climbing in a gorgeous national park. They’ll come away with pictures, memories, and stories that will last a lifetime.

Tickets to the Hottest Show in Town

Can you score seats to the “it” show of today? If so, great! If not, don’t sweat it. Odds are, your friend with everything probably already seen it anyway. Consider gathering a group of your friends and creating your own show. Every person in the cast could play a role depicting a special moment in the guest of honor’s life or acting out some of the highlights in their relationship with the birthday guy or gal. This is sure to be a hit show!

A Staycation

Does your friend or loved one live in another town or city? Consider offering to host them in your home while you show them around your area — hitting all the highlights, of course. Do they live nearby? Consider offering to babysit their kids so they can relax and unwind.

A Book About Them

This makes a fabulous group gift, especially if you can wrangle a large group to contribute. Have each person take a page or two to write a message about how much he or she means to them, special memories they’ve shared together and their hopes for the future. Bound in a gorgeous journal and wrapped in lovely wrapping paper, this gift could bring a tear even to the driest eye.

Something Handmade

Create something uniquely you to share with your friend. For example, if you’re a whiz at cooking a specific kind of food, consider making a gift basket with key ingredients nestled in gorgeous tissue paper with a handwritten birthday note listing all the recipe details.

A Donation in His or Her Name

Gifts for people who have everything don’t have to be physical presents. Instead, think about some of the causes that are important to them and donate in their name. This is another gift that could be approached solo or as a group. For example, if the birthday person is passionate about making a difference in the community, consider donating to schools and libraries, homeless shelters, animal shelters, or foster care agencies. This is also a nice workaround for the person who always exclaims, “No presents! Don’t get me anything.” So in the end, you will have followed their wishes while still giving them something to feel oh-so-good about.

An Awesome Subscription

Even the man or woman who has everything can appreciate a subscription. After all, who doesn’t love receiving something every month? Whether you choose a publication that peaks their interest, a subscription to a video-streaming service or a fabulous box — like a beauty box, beer of the month, or delicious food — tailor the subscription to the recipient and you can’t go wrong.

A Retro Gem

When you’re wondering what to get someone who has everything for their birthday, odds are pretty high that you’ve considered all the latest and greatest gifts on the market. Why not kick it old school with something meaningful from the past? An engraved pocket watch can give the gift of time to the man who has everything, while an antique or personal item that evokes a special memory you’ve shared works well for any recipient.

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