Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

You know your bestie better than anyone, but that doesn’t mean that buying them a birthday gift is easy. From sentimental to creative, homemade to store-bought, we’ve gathered up some birthday gift ideas to offer a starting point to your gift-giving search. To pick the best one, think about your best friend’s likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams. Then craft the perfect birthday gift idea that celebrates your extra-special relationship.

A Weekend Getaway

Whether you live in the same apartment or thousands of miles apart, scheduling some one-on-one time to do something that you both love is a great gift for your best friend — and for yourself. Plan it for just the two of you, or make it a group effort with a bunch of your mutually closest friends. A quick trip to the city, a couple days in the tropics, or a weekend in Vegas are just a few of the destinations to consider. And best of all, you’ll enjoy the weekend together creating new memories you’ll share for years to come.

Concert Tickets

This is particularly great for best friends who have been close since childhood or early adulthood, especially if you share a love of a certain band or a type of music and you’re looking for creative birthday ideas for best friends. Not sure which tickets to get? Think about the first concert you ever saw together or their favorite band. If the band is still together and hasn’t “dis-banded,” brush up on their hit songs and get ready to spend an amazing night together. Slip the tickets into a birthday card for a fun way to announce the big show.

Day of Pampering

Setting up a spa day for your BFF is great, but joining her for the day is even better. Enjoy a little time catching up in between getting buffed, puffed, massaged, and polished. Time to decompress and reconnect is a wonderful way to celebrate your special bond.

A New Adventure

When it comes to finding creative birthday gift ideas for your best friend, why not consider planning a new adventure to reminisce about later? Plan a treasure hunt around the city, conquer your fear of rock climbing, or go skydiving. Whatever the adventure, this gift is all about spending time creating new memories…together.

Handwritten Notes

In this digital day and age, you probably keep in touch mostly with emails, texts, Facetime, and phone calls. But there’s something so special about putting pen to paper; so, this homemade birthday gift idea for best friends really takes the cake. Write a heartfelt note or a handwritten accounting of a special memory to signify each year of your friendship. Use gorgeous stationery and package the bundle in a beautiful keepsake box or a special gift bag along with a stationery set for your BFF to keep in touch with you!

A Keepsake Journal

Choose a blank journal or one created just for besties with an integrated question-and-answer format designed for you to fill out together. Spend time getting creative, then place it in a time capsule to unearth years later as a record of your friendship.

Best Friends' Jewelry

Like a weekend getaway, this is a great idea for a gift that you could give by yourself or as part of a group gift. There are many ways to give special jewelry to your friend. Add a gemstone for every year you’ve been friends. Or have everyone contributing to the gift pick a stone or charm that’s unique to their relationship. Add a super personal engraving as the piéce de résistance.

Gift Cards That Go The (Long) Distance

Okay, so no matter how much you love your best friend, time has that sneaky way of creeping up on you at the last minute, and you suddenly realize that your BFF’s special day is imminent, don’t panic! Did you know you can attach gift cards or digital gifts to any ecard for a unique and fun way of gift-giving. It’s fast, easy, an you can also personalize your ecard, too! Plus, being able to choose from all the brands your bestie loves lets you celebrate the day without your BFF ever being the wiser that it almost slipped your mind.

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