Birthday Gift Ideas for Millennials

It’s easy to get stumped while shopping for the perfect birthday gift for a millennial. Also known as Generation Y, millennials are the first to come of age in a digital world, giving them distinct identities, attitudes, and preferences. This group may be tech savvy, but they’re also socially conscious, pragmatic, confident, compassionate, and adventurous.

So with those qualities in mind, we’ve compiled some thoughtful gifting ideas that push beyond the usual selfie stick options and pack a little more meaning into celebrating and inspiring your favorite millennial.

Give an Experience

For many millennials, life is more about experiences than things. Take that love of the adventure and create lasting memories with the gift of an experience.

The adventure is always twice as fun when it’s coupled with a physical gift they can use for years to come. Give them a hiking backpack with the added surprise of a trip up the local mountain you’ve always talked about trekking together, but could never fit on the calendar. Or gift a camera, with the bonus of photography classes that you can take together. Millennials love sharing their experiences in pictures (hello Facebook and Instagram), and a photography class gives you a fun bonding experience as you both hone your skills.

Make Travel Easier

Most millennials love to travel, but tight funds can make it hard for them to make the most of their trip. Consider an out-of-the-box idea to make travel a little easier, like an annual National Parks entry pass, or tickets for a guided white-water rafting trip.


No money for a big trip? No problem! Create memories close to home with a “staycation.” If your millennial is busy with school or a job, chances are they haven’t yet explored all that their hometown has to offer. With a staycation you can explore local restaurants that you’ve otherwise ignored, take a day doing a museum tour, or Google local tourist attractions and visit any that are new to you and them. This is a fun way to have a memorable experience, and it doesn’t require you to carve out big chunks of your schedule.

Gifts From a Group

Whether from a cohort of coworkers or a faction of family members, group gifts allow everyone to get involved. A high-end slow cooker or single-brew coffee maker is a good group gift for a busy millennial. Make it personal by having each member contribute one or two of their favorite slow cooker or drink recipes bundled into a “cookbook.” The recipient will appreciate having a collection of favorites they can quickly and easily refer to.

Gifts That Keep On Giving

With the latest gadgets and gear, there’s no question that millennials like to keep connected. A paid subscription to Audible, an audiobook-streaming service, lets your millennial friend utilize the best in technology while catching up on their favorite books. This gift is especially welcomed by millennials who face long commutes or have long stretches of down time — there’s no better way to beat the boredom than with a book.

Photo Scrapbook

It’s no secret that millennials love photos, but the bulk of these pictures live in the cloud and never make it into tangible existence. Take the time to select your best photo memories and compile them in a scrapbook for a gift that your millennial can cherish. Add a personal inscription on the cover or place handwritten notes throughout the scrapbook for a truly meaningful touch.

Hand-crafted Accessories

Owning the same exact item as everyone else is no longer as popular an idea as it used to be. Instead, millennials crave gifts that are one-of-a-kind. Give a gift that is useful yet embraces their individuality, like a custom-made personalized phone case or even a unique wooden tablet stand, so they can make the most of multitasking and view their tablet hands-free.

Downward Dog De-stressor

With the pressures that come from today’s 24-7 world, millennials welcome gifts that boost relaxation. Induce a sense of a-h-h-h with a yoga mat and a handful of passes to your favorite yoga studio. Striking poses together relieves stress and strengthens personal connections.

Gifts That Give Back

Many millennials believe in giving back to those less fortunate. For loved ones with a charitable heart, choose products that donate a portion of their profits to a worthy cause or crafts made by women in developing countries. Attach a card featuring shelter animals currently up for adoption.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are both fun and useful, especially for millennials who don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen. Focus on basic skills for the cooking newbie, or explore themed cuisine for the savvier chef. Sign up to take the class alongside your millennial friend for an experience you’ll both enjoy and remember.

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