Birthday Ideas for Introverts

Everybody loves a big, bold birthday party, right? If you have an introvert in your life, then you already know how untrue that is and that introverts don’t typically thrive on small talk and huge social gatherings. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to celebrate! With these more low-key birthday ideas, you can throw a fun gathering and choose the perfect birthday gifts for introverts without sending the birthday girl or boy running for the hills.

Host a Small Gathering

When it comes to party ideas for introverts, the size of the party makes a huge difference. According to Psychology Today, introverts are typically shy and feel drained by social encounters, but that doesn’t mean they never want to socialize. Instead of arranging a huge bash filled with everyone that the person knows, consider hosting an intimate gathering with a few special friends and family.

Make it a Movie Night

Strike the perfect balance between celebrating your special introvert and giving them the space that they enjoy with a theme that builds quiet time into the itinerary. For example, if you choose an Old Hollywood themed movie night you could start the celebration with drinks and nibbles, move into a classic film and then end with cake before calling it a night. This gives introverts time to mingle and time to regroup.

Skip the Surprise

Planning a surprise party is lots of fun, and extroverts often do well with them. Introverts, on the other hand, prefer having more control over their situations — and a surprise party just doesn’t qualify. Instead, give the birthday gal or guy a heads up and a copy of the guest list so they feel comfortable from the time they arrive until the party winds down.

Let the Introvert Help You Plan

Take it a step further and don’t just tell your loved one about your plans, let him or her help you make them. Giving an introvert some control over the situation can often help ease anxieties while also giving you the opportunity to receive first-hand feedback about your celebration ideas.

Consider Arranging a Weekend Getaway

This one falls under the categories of gifts for introverts and party ideas for introverts. Give him or her gift of time spent together with you and maybe one or two other friends or family members. Whether you opt for a weekend of wine tasting or a quick trip to the beach, choosing something with a good balance of making memories together and time spent relaxing is key for success.

Celebrate Without a Party

Skip the forced social interaction in favor of celebrating by doing something that he or she loves to do or going on an adventure together. Arrange a hot air balloon ride, tee off on the nearest green, or volunteer for a special cause. Whatever activity or experience you choose, it should clearly reflect the birthday person’s personality.

Put Party Money Into a Gift

Who says all celebrations need to be a social gathering? Take the money that you would otherwise put into a party and use it for a very special gift. For example, if you would have spent $500 on a birthday bash, take that $500 and give the introvert a new sound system or something big that they’ve really wanted but wouldn’t buy for themselves.

Reconfigure the Gift Table

Giving birthday gifts for introverts is a double-edged sword. On one side, you want to show them how special they are and celebrate their special day. But on the other side, you know that the whole gift opening process is sure to incite panic in your introverted loved one. Instead of the traditional gift table and appointed time for opening gifts in front of the group, consider letting all the guests know that the gifts will be opened at home, or at a later time. Another option is to have everyone bring an unwrapped gift decorated with a bow.

There’s a lot to be said for small-scale celebrations that are intimate and personal, and the introverts in your life will love and appreciate your thoughtfulness in acknowledging their special day in the perfect way that makes them comfortable and happy.

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