Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

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You know she’s special, but you still always wonder what to get her. These ideas are meant to help spark your creativity so you can begin imagining some truly unique birthday gifts for her. Think about what she loves so you can customize these gift ideas to her age and interests.

Small Gestures With big Impact

Make it a month — or year — of kind gestures that may seem small but show you care in a big way. Select a birthday card and explain to your birthday girl that she should expect some surprises. If she’s turning 21, then offer her 21 days of thoughtful gestures; if she’s 60, then offer her 60 days of thoughtful gestures. They can be as large or small as you’d like. For example, leave her a rose with a little note; buy her favorite lotion; surprise her with movie tickets. Gestures that express love and appreciation add up and joyfully elongate her birthday celebration.

Love Notes Past And Present

Romantic love notes from her significant other are special, but don’t forget other “love” notes from kids, family members, friends, and coworkers who adore the birthday girl. Gather them up, arrange them in a collage picture frame, and wrap it up for a unique birthday gift for her. Or, put the love notes in a scrapbook along with accompanying photos for a true keepsake. If you have a youngster who wants to give Mom or Sister a bunch of love notes, then let the child write notes on pieces of stationery, fold them up, and toss them into a jar garnished with a bow. Anytime she’s feeling like she needs a pick-me-up, she’ll have notes on hand to cheer her up.

Create A namesake Dessert

Let her have her cake and eat it too. Birthday gifts for women don’t get any more luscious than a customized, delectable dessert featuring her favorite flavor. Give her a taste of her namesake dessert, plus a recipe card, ingredients, and even a few cute baking gadgets, such as pretty measuring spoons and mixing bowls. Don’t forget to give the dessert a great name — think Sarah’s Sweet 16 S’more Pudding Pie or Lovely Linda’s Lemonade Cookies.

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The Gift Of adventure

Give your risk-taker an experience that she’s been dreaming about, whether it’s river rafting or skydiving. If she has already booked something on her own, then pack a supply and survival kit for her to take along. Rock climbers love gear like chalk, boulder crash pads, rope bags, and other hardware. Jet skiers can use goggles, gear bags, rash guards, and wetsuits.

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Getting Better With Age

If your birthday girl is facing a milestone — be it 30, 40, or any number of significance — help her know that she’s only getting better with each passing year. Prepare a gourmet basket of items that age gracefully, such as cheeses, balsamic vinegar, dry-aged beef, pickles (true!), and red wines. She will appreciate the comfort night after night of a set of top-quality bed sheets that soften with each wash. Fashionable birthday girls love a leather wallet or handbag that gets even more beautiful with time.

A Day — Or More — off

When you’re looking to pamper a lady who always has a packed calendar and plenty of to-dos, skip the mani-pedi and run her errands and do her household chores. Dishes, laundry, cleaning, ferrying kids around — it all adds up. Or, offer to do her weeding, shopping, dry cleaning pick-ups, or other must-do chores. Give her a printable birthday card for each chore you’d like to take over, and she’ll be ever so grateful.

Make Her A member

Memberships to her favorite museum, nature center, theater, or other seasonal activity can bring her long-term birthday joy — not to mention some private time for herself. It’s not as pricey as you may think. Put the birthday girl’s preferences first. She may want a season pass to an outdoor music festival this summer or ice-skating rink time in the winter.

Something She’s been Eyeing

Chances are you know your birthday girl’s dream gift. She’s been ogling that pair of diamond earrings for ages. Maybe her heart is set on a designer purse, or she’s been saving up for a new camera lens. Whatever it is, she won’t forget the birthday you splurged on a big-ticket surprise. Many ladies love the excitement of sporting a drool-worthy accessory that grabs everyone else’s attention.

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Time Together

If you’re short on time and you need a quick gift, then you can still show her that you care. Get a handful of gift cards in small denominations to your favorite coffeehouse or donut shop. Write a date and time on each one, and bundle them together with a nice ribbon, and explain in a greeting card that each gift card represents an outing when you’ll both spend quality time together in the coming months.

This is an especially great idea for women who value your company more than tangible gifts.

Behind-the-scenes Tours

Think about what she loves — wine, theater, fashion, food. She won’t be able to resist a peek into her passion. Investigate backstage tours of the local playhouse or a crawl through the city’s best breweries. If there aren’t public tours available, then it can’t hurt to ask if you can arrange something private. Call the fanciest restaurant in town and request a behind-the-scenes look at the kitchen to meet the chef. Call the local zoo and see if it offers meet-and-greet sessions with the animals. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creative tours.

We hope these ideas spark your imagination and inspire many heartfelt gifts for her birthday. No matter how you choose to celebrate her, don’t forget to tell her how you feel in a thoughtful birthday greeting card — your words will always mean more than the gift itself.