Christmas Gift Ideas for Her


Gifts are a great way to let someone know just how much you care, which means choosing something personal and meaningful is extremely important. Whether you're shopping for a wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, or friend, finding the right Christmas gift simply requires some heartfelt creativity.

A Family Outing

Most women with families — especially busy families — crave quality family time, and that often means she's the one who has to do all the planning. This Christmas, get the family together and coordinate schedules to plan a fun family outing. It could be as simple as a dinner out or as elaborate as a vacation on the other side of the world. The part that matters is the gift of family bonding time.

Jar Full Of Love Notes

Whether you choose a mason jar or a lovely piece of pottery, fill it with small pieces of paper with handwritten love notes, some of your favorite memories, and uplifting quotes. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, make enough pieces for every day of the year so she has something to look forward to each day.

A favorite Book

Is she an avid reader? Most book lovers can never have enough books, and they love getting recommendations from other readers. If you've got an old favorite or one you can't stop thinking about, give her a copy. Write a note on the inside cover telling her why you think she would love it or why the book reminds you of her.

Another option is to gift her with an inspiration journal or a beautiful notebook. Pair either of these gift ideas with a scented candle and a greeting card that encourages her to take time each day for self-reflection. She deserves it, after all.   

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Birthstone necklace

Moms and grandmas love anything relating to their children and grandchildren. Place each child's birthstone on a necklace just for her. A charm engraved with each child's initials or date of birth is equally "charming."

Potted herbs

In many places, Christmas is at the beginning of a long, cold winter season. Fresh herbs add color to a dreary kitchen and make tasty additions to cold-weather cooking. Chose from one of these cheeky art prints for some decorative planters to match the kitchen décor.

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House Cleaning Service

Cleaning is the nemesis of most women. Some feel they are always cleaning; others feel there's never enough time to clean. The one thing most agree on is that it's an unpleasant necessity. Lighten her load by gifting her with maid service for a day — or even once a month or week. Many companies are amenable to one-time cleanings in addition to regular service.

Free babysitting

Are you shopping for a gift for a friend with kids? Offer your time for some free babysitting. Finding childcare for an evening out can be both challenging and expensive. This gift might even earn you best friend status.

Handyman For A Day

If her "to-do" list is spiraling out of control and she needs help fixing things around the house, give her the gift of your time and your manual labor skills. Mark a Saturday on your calendar, and take care of odd jobs for her. 

Learn A Hobby together

Have you heard her say she wants to learn how to knit, speak a second language, or dabble in painting? Sign up for lessons for the two of you to take together. She'll love the chance to learn a new hobby while spending some time with you.

Framed photo

It's easier than ever to take a photo these days, but many photos never make it past cyberspace. A printed photo of the two of you in a nice frame speaks volumes. Write a short message on the back of the picture so she always remembers its special meaning.

Custom drawing

If she already has a lot of photos, put a unique spin on a photo gift by turning it into a custom drawing or painting. Various online services take photos and turn them into handmade, personal creations.

Colorful kitchen Décor

She probably already has basic kitchen staples like wooden spoons, serving utensils, and dish towels, but she may not have items painted with fun designs or personal messages. Get creative and brighten her kitchen by adding whimsical touches to everyday items.

At-home spa Package

More than anyone, she deserves to sit back and relax once in a while. Package soothing bubble bath, lotion, scented candles, chocolate — maybe even some wine — in a gift basket so she can create her own at-home spa experience.

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No matter what gift you choose, the right wrapping paper makes the surprise even more tantalizing, so choose festive paper and a big bow to add to the fun. When paired with a heartfelt card, your Christmas gift for her will be full of special meaning.

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