Christmas Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend

Whether your relationship spans 6 months or 6 years, shopping for your girlfriend can be difficult – especially when you want to give her something truly meaningful (while avoiding a trip to the mall).

We’re here to help with some of our favorite ideas for finding a Christmas gift for your girlfriend.

Gifts That Keep Giving

Purchase 12 Christmas greeting cards – one for each month of the year – and write a special note in each. This can include happy or funny memories, favorite quotes, song lyrics, and so on. Label each card’s envelope with a month of the year, stack them, and wrap with a fancy bow. On the first of every month, she’ll have a card to open and something to look forward to all year long.

Here’s How

  • Choose three different colors of paper, and get enough to cut 365 little rectangles (approximately 2” x 3”).
  • Each color will represent one of the following categories: reasons you love her, favorite memories, and inspirational or funny quotes.
  • On each piece of paper, write something from one of the categories above to coincide with the paper color.
  • Fold each piece, and stuff into a clear 32-ounce mason jar.
  • Inside a greeting card, explain what each color means, and tell her to take one from the jar every day for a year.
  • It takes some time, but it’s a priceless gift she’ll appreciate. You can even swap out the categories or add more. For example, every blue piece of paper can be an idea for a date night. Get creative!

For Nights In, Relaxing and Reflecting

Life can be hectic, especially around the holidays. Fortunately there are tons of ways to help her relax, destress, and focus. That can be as simple as giving her a night off by offering to do things she’d normally do (laundry, the dishes, etc.) Even better, you can gift her items like a scented candle, bath bombs, a bottle of wine, a soft robe, and a journal; place them in a nice canvas storage bin and pair with a card that lets her know the items are meant to help her unwind and self-reflect after long, stressful days.

If she enjoys entertaining and nights in with her girlfriends, consider getting her a martini shaker, mini cheese board, or a cocktail prep set.

Handmade Gifts

What’s something she loves? Wine? Jewelry? Dessert? Find a local workshop that offers a hands-on course in something unique such as learning to make macarons or arranging flower bouquets.

If there’s something she’s always wanted to try, look into it; even if there isn’t a class for it, you may be able to find someone who’s willing to work something out.

Make It Budget-friendly

Maybe you can’t shell out the money for the two of you to enjoy a class or workshop. That’s okay! Consider making something yourself. Some time on YouTube or Pinterest and a trip to the hardware store can help you make anything from wine bottle racks and jewelry boxes to picture frames and desk organizers.

You can always opt for making her favorite homemade meal, but turn it up a few notches with a homemade appetizer and top it all off with dessert.

Subscriptions, Memberships and Gifts of Service

There’s a subscription-based service or membership for just about everything these days. Think about something your girlfriend likes – makeup? Books? Tea? You’re likely to find a monthly subscription box for it.

But if you’re looking for that extra personal touch, consider gifting your girlfriend with services of your own. For example, offer to make her dinner every night for a week, run some of her errands, or clean the house.

Gifting idea

  • Create “vouchers” that she can redeem throughout the year. Hand-bind them with ribbon, and place the booklet in a holiday gift bag.
  • Write a thoughtful message in a greeting card and voila! – an inexpensive gift she’ll appreciate on those busy, stressful days.

Buy a Digital Gift Card

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