Christmas Gift Ideas For Male Or Female Boss

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You spend a lot of time at work and your boss and coworkers might even feel like a second family; it only makes sense that you’d want to include them on your list for holiday gifting. But what’s an appropriate Christmas gift for your female boss? What about Christmas gift ideas for your male boss?

We’re here to help. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for bosses that are suitable for any number of workplace environments.

Charitable Donation

If your boss seems to have everything — or you’re simply at a loss when it comes to selecting an appropriate gift — then you really can’t go wrong with making a charitable donation in his or her name. Choose a trusted organization like United Way, the Red Cross or one of their partner agencies.

Group Appreciation Messages

Sometimes, what your supervisor appreciates most is a simple word of thanks. Grab some nice note cards and have all your coworkers write a short message telling your boss why you appreciate him or her. Tie all the messages together with an attractive ribbon for a surprise your boss won’t soon forget.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Female Boss

Guided Tour

If you have a boss who frequently travels for work, then chances are she doesn’t usually get a break to enjoy the destination. Gift a tour of a beautiful or interesting city on your boss’s upcoming itinerary. A perfect gift for the boss who has everything, a city tour allows a respite from work for a few hours.

Wine Of The Month Subscription

If your boss is a wine lover, then consider asking coworkers to chip in for a wine of the month subscription. This type of service lets your boss try different types of wines each month and gives her something to look forward to long after the holidays. Pair the subscription with a wine bottle stopper and a wine bag, so they can tote a bottle to their next holiday gathering.

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The Gift Of Relaxation

She likely has a lot on her plate, especially during the holiday season. Give her the gift of relaxation by putting together some items for quiet evenings at home. Start with a plush, fuzzy robe and a pair of slippers. Add a pine-scented candle or a scented candle made especially for unwinding. Finally, include a daily gratitude journal that she can use for self-reflection and mindfulness.

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Gifts For Entertaining

If she likes to entertain, consider gifts that will make it easier for her to host friends. For example, a reversible serving board is great for appetizers or serving a cheese plate. You could also include some coasters, a must-have for holiday parties. 

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Male Boss

Game Tickets

He’s got the baseball hat, gym bag, and license plate frame, so it’s clear he’s enthusiastic about the local sports team. Gather your coworkers together and pitch in for tickets to a big game. He’ll appreciate this meaningful gift, and the group cooperation makes giving easy for everyone.

Luggage Locator

Another great Christmas gift idea for a boss who travels — a luggage locator is a small tag that attaches to a suitcase and tracks it everywhere. Your boss can see the location of the suitcase right from a smartphone, eliminating the stress that comes when luggage gets lost or goes missing.

Leather Journal

Does your boss constantly scribble on a floppy spiral notebook, overloaded clipboard, or battered calendar? If so, they may appreciate a nice leather journal to jot down thoughts, notes, or to-do lists. Give the journal an extra-special touch by writing a nice message of thanks for your boss’s hard work on the inside cover


If he’s a beer-drinker, gather some drinkware and a 6-pack of his favorite brew. Many grocery stores offer the option of combining single bottles of beer to create your own 6-pack. Consider adding a drink sleeve or a glass and bottle opener set to complete the gift.

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