Christmas Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend: Tips for Finding Him a Unique Holiday Gift

Christmas is a time filled with giving and love, and you want to give your boyfriend a heartfelt gift that shows him just how much you care. Mastering the art of gifting isn't always easy, but you can pull it off with a little ingenuity. Browse these innovative Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend to make your holiday shopping a little bit easier.

Heartfelt Love Letter

He may know you love him — but have you really put it down in words? You don't have to write something elaborate or fancy. Start by typing a few of your favorite things about him in a nice Christmas Creatacard™ and finish by telling him exactly how you feel.

Personal Playlist

Create a playlist with some of his favorite songs, including any songs that have special meaning for the two of you as a couple. Think of it as the modern version of a mixtape.

Memory Scrapbook

If you have specific things you enjoy doing together, like going to concerts, football games, or museums, gather your old ticket stubs, brochures, programs, and other memorabilia that reminds you of these special times, and put them in a memory scrapbook.

Framed Photo

Every couple has that one frame-worthy photo that captures a fun memory. Surprise him by printing a photo of the two of you and placing it in a reclaimed wood frame.

Gamer Gift Basket

If your boyfriend is a gamer, put together a gift basket of treats that cater to his hobby. The basket could include a hot new video game, AA batteries for controllers, snacks, and much more. The combination of thoughtfulness and practicality is sure to be a hit.

Spend a Day Doing What He Loves

If you often avoid day trips that involve his favorite activities, such as fishing or attending car shows, give him the gift of sharing one — or several — of these experiences with him. To make this even more personal, buy him new gear for his hobby or tickets to an upcoming event and be his date for the trip.

Coffee Subscription

Is your boyfriend a coffee fanatic? Give him the gift of magical, caffeine-filled java on a regular basis with a coffee subscription that sends him different brews to try every month.

A Homecooked Meal

Does your boyfriend constantly eat out, or is he the king of ramen noodles and frozen foods? There's a reason people used to say, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Nothing says, "I love you," like a homecooked meal.

Date of the Month

If you rarely go on fun dates, now's the time to make a change. Think of 12 new date night ideas (one for each month), and put the corresponding dates on 12 envelopes. Inside the envelopes, put clues for what he will need for that particular date, such as how he should dress or something he should bring. Keep the activity itself a surprise. These planned date nights will give you both something to look forward to all year long.

Christmas Ornaments

DIY ornaments are personal, practical, and inexpensive, and they can really give his home a decorative boost if home décor isn't his thing. Collect maps from places you've visited together — or maybe places you want to go — and decoupage them onto glass Christmas ball ornaments.

Monogrammed Chef's Knives

If he's a budding culinary master in the kitchen, there's no better gift than a good set of chef's knives. Have the knives monogrammed for a special touch he'll appreciate.


Maybe he enjoys a good beer. If that’s the case, consider this beer glass and bottle opener combo. Another bar cart staple is a stainless steel flask (bonus points for this witty one).

National or State Park Pass

If he's an outdoor enthusiast, he probably loves to get out and explore the parks in your area. A pass to a nearby national or state park gives you both the chance to hike, picnic, or hit the beach in some of nature's best spots.

Team Blanket

Does he love cheering at the game, regardless of the weather? Make sure he stays warm in the stands with a blanket that sports his favorite team's logo.

Last Minute Gift

Finding the best Christmas gift for your boyfriend doesn't mean you have to spend hours shopping. For a quick and easy gift find that is just right, you can now add a gift card to your ecard! Simply personalize your ecard and then you can choose from our selection of popular retailers for a meaningful way to show your boyfriend just how much you care.

No matter which gift you choose, you want your boyfriend to know how much he means to you this Christmas. Pair your gift with a festive card and a heartfelt message for a Christmas he won't forget.

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