Christmas Gift Ideas For Mother Or Father In Law

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No matter how close you are with your in-laws, they’re undoubtedly very special people in your life; after all, they’re your spouse’s parents and may even feel like a second set of parents for you, too. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to shop for them. That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite Christmas gift ideas for your in-laws, featuring meaningful gifts for both your mother-in-law and father-in-law. 

Photo Memories

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not give the gift of a captured memory? If you were recently married, consider having a wedding portrait professionally printed. Your in-laws will treasure the sentiment and relive the happy day all over again. You could also hire a lifestyle or portrait photographer to take some photos of the whole family, whether it’s before the holidays or in the future so your in-laws can be part of it.

A Donation In His Or Her Name

Think of some of the causes that are important to them and donate in their name. For example, if they’re passionate about making a difference in the community, consider donating to schools and libraries, homeless shelters, animal shelters, or foster care agencies. This is also a nice workaround for the person who always exclaims, “No presents! Don’t get me anything.” So in the end, you will have followed their wishes while still giving them something to feel good about.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Mother-in-law

Gifts For Entertaining

If your mother-in-law regularly hosts parties or gatherings, maybe she could use some new items for serving her guests. For example, a reversible tray is perfect for small appetizers. You can pair it with a set of coasters, drink stirrers and wine tags for a gift any hostess would appreciate.

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Time Together

If you’re short on time and you need a quick gift, you can still show your mother-in-law that you care. Get a handful of gift cards in small denominations to her favorite coffeehouse or donut shop. Write a date and time on each one, bundle them together with a nice ribbon, and explain in a greeting card that each gift card represents an outing when you’ll both spend quality time together in the coming months.

“Open When” Card Bundle

An “open when” card bundle is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

You can purchase a card bundle or easily make your own. Buy various cards for different occasions (we recommend at least 10 cards) and label the envelopes with “open when” moments. Here are some ideas:

  • Open when you need a pick-me-up
  • Open when you want to read something funny
  • Open on a vacation day
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The idea is that you’ll gift all the cards on Christmas, but as the name of this gift idea suggests, she’ll open them as instructed.

A Favorite Book

Is she an avid reader? Most book lovers can never have enough books, and they love getting recommendations from other readers. If you've got an old favorite or one you can't stop thinking about, give her a copy. Write a note on the inside cover telling her why you think she would love it or why the book reminds you of her.

Another option is to gift her with a journal. You can choose a blank one or find a daily gratitude journal which, as the name implies, encourages daily writing. Pair this gift idea with a scented candle and a greeting card with a note inside, encouraging her to take time each day for self-reflection. She deserves it, after all.  

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Potted Herbs

In many places, Christmas is at the beginning of a long, cold winter season. Fresh herbs add color to a dreary kitchen and make tasty additions to cold-weather cooking. Add a cheeky art print some decorative planters to match the kitchen décor.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Father-in-law

Gift Card Tribute

Maybe you’ve seen those poster boards with candy bars that are strategically placed to form a message. On a smaller scale, you can use gift cards to create a similar gift for your father-in-law. All you need is a piece of card stock and some gift cards to illustrate your message. Here’s an example:

Thanks for everything, (Name).
I’ll never be able to repay you for all those years of driving me around
(gas card), putting food on the table (grocery card), and keeping a roof over my head (home improvement card). But I hope you know how grateful I am and how lucky I feel (lottery ticket) to call you my father-in-law!

Car Cleaning

Whether he keeps his car impeccably clean or it’s a repository for receipts, crumbs, and loose change, his car could always use a good cleaning, even if it’s just the exterior.

Give his ride a little TLC by offering to clean and wash it yourself. If it needs a serious deep clean, consider getting it professionally detailed. And because we all know the dad who would rather do it himself, other options include  gifting a bundle of automobile cleaning supplies such as wax, a sponge, soap, and window cleaner.

Personalized Gifts

In this age of hi-tech everything, handcrafted, personalized items are becoming more and more valued. Both local and online engravers can add a personal note to just about anything. Think about something your father-in-law sees often, like the inside of a wallet, to show him how much he means to you long after the holidays are over.

Last Minute Gifts

Just because you might be scrambling to get a gift doesn’t mean it has to lack in thoughtfulness. Sometimes a personalized card can speak volumes. Add a video or your favorite pictures of the two of you to you card as well as a personal note —something heartfelt that delivers a compliment, appreciation or gratitude.. Need some ideas? Check out some of our suggestions on Christmas messages for dad.

It also helps to think of things you can pair with other things. For example, this witty beer glass and bottle opener would go great with a 12-pack of his favorite beer.

Buy A Digital Gift Card

In a rush? No time to visit stores in search of the perfect gift? Pair a digital gift card with a personalized Christmas ecard, for fast delivery to the recipient. Simply select the retailer you’d like to purchase a gift card from then you’ll enter the name and email of the recipient and send. If you’re an AG member you only pay the amount of the egift card. We also have a checkout as guest option for a $1.99 fee. Browse our selection of retailers to choose from including Sephora, Nike, Starbucks, Fandango, Target, and more!