Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Christmas! And what better way to celebrate the holiday than spending time with friends? Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, quite like Christmas gifts. Spreading good cheer often involves selecting a meaningful, memorable present — and we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite gift ideas, so you’re sure to find inspiration for the friend you have in mind.

Do-it-yourself, Budget Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends

A Handmade Christmas Gift That Your Friend Is Sure To Remember

  • Origami ornament: Origami ornaments are creative, personal, and a cost-effective gift idea. In need of inspiration and/or folding instructions? Simply search the web for “origami Christmas ornament” and prepare to be amazed! For a unique twist, try using holiday wrapping paper to create a festive ornament your friend is sure to love!
  • Homemade cookies, snacks, candy, and other treats: Great food is always a staple during the holiday season and regarded by many as the key to loved ones’ hearts. Friends will be sure to love a homemade snack or dessert, and for a polished look, use tissue paper and ribbons to wrap up the goodies.
  • DIY gifts showcasing photos: Ever wonder what to do with many of the pictures on your camera, phone, and/or social media site? Photos can prove very handy during the holiday season, as a variety of personalized, homemade gifts can be crafted using pictures. A quick web search will provide easy instructions for crafting the photo gift you envision, including calendars, paper weights, mugs, coasters, pillows, clothing, and much more! The options are endless. You can also opt to upload pictures to various web sites where companies create the gift for you, for a fee. 
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Group Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends

Gifts From The whole Crew

  • Group photo album: Ask each friend to contribute a favorite photo showcasing the recipient, including a hand-written note about the time they shared and how much the friendship means. To add a holiday-themed twist, try using wrapping paper as the background on each page of the album.
  • Notes of Inspiration: It can never hurt to be reminded of love and support from friends. Ask each member of your group to write a few uplifting messages for the recipient on small pieces of paper. Roll or fold each message and place in a mason jar, gift box, or other container. The recipient can opt to open a message each day, week, or whenever they need a lift. It’s a great way to spread love and cheer!
  • Themed stocking, stuffed with goodies: Each friend can contribute a special gift to fill up a stocking for the recipient, based on a fun theme. Is the recipient a fan of movies? Music? Coffee? Arts and Crafts? A devoted dog or cat lover? Selecting a theme is always a fun way to spark creativity.

Acts Of Service For Friends

Gifts Of time And Talent

  • Cleaning the recipient’s home: Coming home to a clean house can be a huge stress reliever and a great gift idea!
  • Painting and/or helping redecorate a room in your friend’s home: Is there a small project that your friend has been meaning to do, but can’t seem to find the time? Lend a hand!
  • Outdoor upkeep: Shoveling snow, raking leaves, mowing the grass, etc. — seasonal upkeep can sometimes be a daunting task and your friend will appreciate taking a break from outdoor chores.
  • Making a few meals for the recipient: This is especially ideal for busy friends who are pressed for time. Prepare a fresh meal for your friend or simply freeze a few dishes that he/she can warm up on busy evenings.
  • Offering to babysit if your friend has children, so he/she can enjoy time away.

A Christmas Gift Experience/outing For Friends

Memories You Can Share

  • Budget Friendly Activity: Plan a night in to enjoy each other’s company and conversation. Rent movies, flip through old photos, listen to music, snack on some of your favorite treats—sometimes the simplest get-togethers are truly the most memorable and heartfelt.
  • Plan a holiday themed outing: Attend a Christmas craft show, go sled riding or ice skating, catch a Christmas movie at the local theater, go to a local holiday concert, attend a festival of Christmas lights
  • A vacation or weekend away: A trip will likely take a bit more planning to line up schedules, as well as a monetary investment, but if you’re able to swing it, there’s nothing like some time away in a vacation spot that you and your friend(s) enjoy!
  • Learning something new: Are you and your friend eager to learn a new hobby, trade, or craft? Gifting your friend with classes/lessons is a fun, interactive way to spend time together! A quick search of activities in your town will likely offer options for cooking classes, music lessons, pottery/craft/painting classes, and much more!
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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends

Don’t Fret, There’s Still Time!

  • Self-care gift card: A gift card to a hair salon, barber, or nail salon is a great last-minute idea, and an item your friend is sure to use!
  • A special dinner: This is one of the simplest gift ideas, enjoyed by nearly everyone! For a Christmas present, try to think of a special twist worthy of holiday gift-giving. Is there a new restaurant your friend has been eager to try? If longtime friends, did you visit a beloved restaurant together in the past, but haven’t been there for years? What about a guilty pleasure you can treat your friend to, that he/she doesn’t tend to eat regularly? A chance to indulge in great food and conversation is sure to please.

No matter what you opt to give your friend this Christmas, he/she is sure to be delighted if you choose one of the options above. For more holiday inspiration, check out other sections of our Christmas gift guide.

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